Vertical Grinding Machine Analysis

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1.1 Explain the typical axis conventions of the following machine tool in the form of a written report.

Lathe Machine Tool
Lathe machine is a machine tool that rotates the work piece on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation, facing, turning, with tools that are applied to the work piece to create an object with symmetry about an axis of rotation. (n.d.)

Typical axis conventions of the Lathe Machine tool
• The work piece is hold in Z- axis n it rotate in this axis
• Carriage moves in Z axis
• Tool moves in X axis


Vertical Grinding Machine Tool
Grinding machine is generally used to give a smooth surface finish. This is done by using a abrasive machining
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This should be done manually by hand for drilling minor holes. The bas is mounted with the help of nuts and bolts on bench.

Typical axis conventions of the vertical drilling machine tool
• Drilling machine moves in y axis
• The work can be moved in X axis and Z axis

1.2 Explain with the help of a written report, operation of types of drive such as handheld wheels and servo motors, for the following machines. There are different types of drive but lathe and milling tool has common drive only axis of working changes in them

The type of drive are
1. Gear drive


The transmission of power is done through gears. The gear are always in contact it consist of complex gear it consist of gearbox. The power is supplied to the gearbox from a constant speed electric motor. The torque and speed can be changed according to the required job with the help of gearbox. By changing gears the torque and speed changes it can be set according to the required work
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It consist of a conical wheel and belt. The power is supplied by a constant speed electric motor. The belt drive is easier to install and has less maintenance as compared to other type of drive. The belt drive does have transmission but u can change the speed and torque according to your need with the help of manually changing the belt on the pulley. It is one of the most commonly type of drive used from early time n it is still preffered because of its simplicity and it is economical in terms of maintenance if compared to other. 3. Chain drive (n.d.)

In this type of drive the transmission is done with the help of chain and sprocket. The sprocket is attatched to the shaft of drive and another sprocket is attached to motor. The transmission is done with the help of chain. This is used when the distance between power source and driven shaft is far away from each other. The main advantage of this type of drive is that there is no slip.

Handheld wheel

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