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  • COMPOSITION Of The Universe In The United States

    COMPOSITION OF UNIVERSE As we know, the Universe comprises of space, time and everything perceived to exist physically including all forms of matter and energy and interaction going on between them. Space and time are two basic correlates of universe. In these correlates there is matter and energy scattered around. There is interaction going on between matters, energies and between matter and energy on account of endless processes. These processes are governed by universal laws as explained in…

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  • Physics Lab Report Essay

    is when external forces acting on a particle are balanced (zero resultant), the particle will be in equilibrium. But when external forces acting on a particle are not balanced, the particle will move in the direction of the resultant with magnitude ma. We use Newton’s second law to calculate the acceleration of a particle. Once the acceleration of a particle is known, we can apply equations of kinematics to obtain the…

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  • Cable Stayed Bridge Essay

    By Brigid Garrett , Wyatt Mullings, Jesus Sanchez, and Lydia Blaisdell Cable Sensation Russky Bridge, Vladivostok, Russia. What are Cable/Stayed Bridges? A cable/stayed bridge is a bridge that has two towers with cables supporting the bridge itself, as shown above. The towers are called pylon, the crossing area itself is called the roadway. The cables are obviously called cables. The supports underneath on the sides are called abutments, The foundations are located under the ground on the…

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  • How Does Temperature Affect A Drag Force

    Drag force is an aerodynamic force which acts parallel and opposite to the motion of the object when it moves through a fluid. It is caused by friction and differences in air pressure. There are many factors can affect the magnitude of drag force as with aircraft lift. The drag depends linearly on the shape and size of the object moving through the air. The object’s cross-sectional shape determines the form drag which is created by the pressure variation around the object and affects the…

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  • Equilibrium Of Coplanar Forces Essay

    Objective: The lab we completed today was “Equilibrium of coplanar forces”. The objectives of todays lab was to study the composition and equilibrium as well as study the rectangular resolution and equilibrium of coplanar forces. Principles being examined: The main principle being examined in this experiment is the fact that several forces that line on a plane and pass through the same point can be balanced by a single force that is passing through the same point. We do this by finding the…

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  • Langmuir Isotherm Essay

    Langmuir isotherm The Langmuir adsorption model is established on the following hypotheses: (1) uniformly energetic adsorption sites, (2) monolayer coverage, and (3) no lateral interaction between adsorbed molecules [26]. A mathematical expression of the Langmuir isotherm is given by the following equation: Where qe (mg/g) is the amount of dye adsorbed on the solid adsorbent at equilibrium, qm (mg/g) is the maximum adsorption capacity, KL (L/mg) is the Langmuir equilibrium…

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  • Drop Time Experiment

    parachute, which can be proven through Newton’s second law, F=ma (Force=mass*acceleration). Rearranged, this gives a=F/m, where acceleration can also be gravity, if falling down. Another equation is a=v/t (acceleration=velocity/time) and a=(√2s)/t (acceleration=(sqrt2*distance)/time). The research question that this investigation will explore is: How is the drop time of a parachute affected by its mass? Photo 1: Parachute…

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  • Distmo Case Study

    the effect of the personalized mus- cle geometry on the force generation in the lower limb. DistMo defines the model personalized with the PA ob- tained with the straight line approach, while CenMo describes the model personalized with the PA obtained with the centroid line approach. GenMo represents the model that used the generic values of the PA from OpenSim (PARF = 13.9◦, PAV I = 4.5◦, PAV L = 18.4◦, PAV M = 29.6◦). The inter-model force and moment variations between GenMo, DistMo, and CenMo…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Big Five Personality Test

    As someone who comes from such a close family my values are directly connected to my family and how I was raised. I find comfort in tradition and routines within my family and look forward to celebrations with them. But on a more complex level I value trust more than anything. I am a very trusting person and I often give people the benefit of the doubt but I also believe that once trust has ben broken it can never be repaired. I strive to be trust worthy and surround myself with people who have…

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  • What Are The Four Forces Of Train Power

    used. There are four forces acts on a train. One of them is its weight which balanced by the typical reaction of the tracks. The third one is the thrust force produced by the locomotives which move the train forward, and the fourth one is the combination of air resistance and the rolling friction between wheels and the railway tracks. There is another force called Centrifugal force act on a train when it takes turns. This force tends the train to run straight, but this force is overcome by the…

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