Bottle Rocket Lab Report

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Personal Write up For this lab, bottle rockets were to be made by the materials of duct tape, a tennis ball, cardboard, and a liter bottle. Using water as fuel, the rocket that is constructed was launched at the pressure of eighty PSI. The objective of this lab was to build the rocket efficient enough to launch at a range of two hundred to three hundred feet by calculating different variables. The independent variables of this lab were the shape and mass of the rocket, the angle degree the rocket is positioned at, and the amount of water added the rocket. The dependent variables were the distance, and the time.
The ideas of the rockets design are based on the rockets of modern day time. The design for the rocket, Twix Fix, was that it would have a flat nose, and three fins. The three wings were placed toward the very back of the rocket, causing the rocket to fly smoother, and creating less drag. Only three wings has been placed on the Twix Kix due to the mass needing to stay low enough for it to overcome the force of gravity. They were cut out of cardboard, and measured precisely so that the rocket does not swerve off course during the launch. The fins of the
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When water is added to the bottle, it also adds compacted air. In Newton’s third law, it mentions that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is exactly what happened the rocket during the lab. The rocket and the compressed air pushed the water down, and once the rocket was release, Newton’s third law came into play, and caused the water to push back up, launching the rocket up into the air. The rocket Twix Kix was tested with the starting fuel of eight ounces. The amount of fuel was increased by four ounces. in further testing. By the third flight test, it was agreed that sixteen ounces was the most effective fuel amount to be placed into the bottle, because the pressure built up had a great enough force to send the rocket

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