Scientific Method Essay

Pre-Lab Questions
1. What are the steps of the scientific method? Briefly explain each.
• The steps of the scientific method are observation, define problem, construct a hypothesis, test the experiment/ gather evidence, and draw a conclusion. Observation is the procedure of collecting information about events and processes carefully. It involves with seeing and hearing. Defining the problem is when you identify a conflict that requires a solution to be solved. A hypothesis is a proposed explanation based on the evidence and observation. Testing the hypothesis is when we experiment and try to prove that our theory is correct. Gathering evidence is the process of recording the information gathered during the experiment. It includes quantitative
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It is an experiment that tests density and gravity. The gravity is attempting to pull the tin foil and pennies downward, while the density determines whether if the boat will float or sink. If the object is denser than the water, the foil will descend. However, if the boat is less dense than the liquid, it will increase. As people know, foil is not the strongest material to build a boat out of so this will be a challenge.

The intention of this lab is to use the scientific method to create a foil boat than can float and hold at least one hundred pennies. It is to demonstrate the buoyancy, or the ability to float in water, the boat built from the aluminum foil.

The supplies used in this Penny Boat Lab includes one sheet of tin foil (“12” by “12”), one hundred pennies, and a bucket of water.

1. First, we designed a boat using only one sheet of aluminum foil, which it 12 inches by 12 inches.
2. Then, we placed our boat in the water, without the pennies, to see if the foil would float.
3. Our hypothesis is that our boat will hold ten pennies before it sinks.
4. After, we laid our boat in the water and began adding pennies on top of it one by one.
5. By the second penny, our boat began taking in water and started to descend to the bottom of the bowl.

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