Womanism In The Quran

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All beings possess a powerful weapon within their vessel. The Bible cautions its readers to not let it rule over them. The Quran apprises its readers that life and death resides in it. It can heal the emotionally wounded, and cut them even deeper in the same instant. It is the tongue, or in other words, Nommo which means the power of spoken word. Nommo is one of the terms I learn while taking Dr. Franklin’s African American history 101 course, and in my opinion, it is also the foundation for most of the assignment the class received this semester. This theme was presented within an excises starting on the very first day of class The first assignment we were giving was called “Ball in Tube”. Each student had a scrap sheet of paper and …show more content…
After writing several other articles and becoming a teacher,
Maria Stewart made history. In 1832 at the African American Female intelligence society
Maria Stewart gave a speech called, “Productions of Mrs. Maria Stewart.” This was known as one of the earliest pieces of work that shows the themes of Womanism in it. In the speech she was quoted saying, “Ye daughters of Africa, Awake!... Arise… distinguish yourselves,
Show forth to the world that ye are endowed with noble and exalted faculties.” Just like Coopers quote I used this one as a motto for my life as well. For, I am the daughter that she was talking about and it is my job to show the world that I am endowed with noble and exalted faculties. This assignment taught me a lot about these two dominant women; their history, their contributions, and finally their influences. An in addition to this, it taught me that words can be use to fight oppression and that words can make someone immortal. Both Miss. Cooper and Miss. Stewart used Nommo to fight against their white oppressors. Also due to their words they live forever; in our history books; in our African American History classes, and eventually in the
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Lucy name isn’t Lucy but Dingnesh which means something wonderful. That the Black Power movement is reason schools like Olive Harvey have a Back history class. There is an emperor by the name of
Ezana and he was a righteous ad justly ruler who serve God. All of this information help me grow into who I am today; not an African American girl but a Black proud woman. I have grown and learn to use Nommo in a way that will change attitudes, immortalize me, and fight against oppression. An example of this is my political poem that I recited in front of Olive
Harvey’s president. This is something I never would have been able to do before taking this class and learning the power I possess within my words. As I stated before, Nommo means the power of spoken words and I believe it was foundation of almost every assignment the class was given. We learn that it has the ability to changes people attitudes. It can lobby against persecution whether it be racism or sexism, and it memorialize whoever controls it. I’m thankful to have a chance to take this class and learn all that I have. I look forward in taking Dr. Franklin other

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