Extra Cornstarch Bath Bomb Experiment

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The purpose of the bath bomb experiment was to examine the fizz by adding extra cornstarch to the bath bomb recipe will affect the overall outcome. If there is more cornstarch added to the bath bomb, then the bath bomb will be less fizzy because cornstarch acts as a dry filler that controls the reaction between baking soda and citric acid. The experiment calls for two different recipes. The first one was the normal recipe which blue was used as the coloring. The other recipe was the extra cornstarch recipe which red was used as the coloring. The extra cornstarch also had more ingredients than the normal recipe because it needed to be evened out more due to the vast amount of cornstarch. After the dry ingredients were mixed with the wet ingredients of the extra cornstarch recipe, the final mixture was sticky and was expanding. After the bath bombs were finished, they were put in the …show more content…
The dependent variable in this experiment was how much the bath bomb would fizz when it was placed in a container of water.
The objective of the experiment is to see the change in fizz when extra cornstarch is added to the typical bath bomb recipe. By adding extra cornstarch, we will observe how the fizz of the bath bomb changes in time.
In the experiment, when recipe one or the normal bath bombs were placed in the water they fizzed like store bought bath bombs. Recipe one had the correct amount of cornstarch to make a bath bomb. Recipe two had extra cornstarch added to the recipe. When the extra cornstarch bath bombs were placed in the water they did not fizz as much compared to recipe one. The extra cornstarch took much longer to dissolve than recipe one. In Figure one titled Average Time to Dissolve, it shows how recipe two had a longer average time to dissolve. The bath bombs with extra cornstarch would separate and clump. The normal bath bombs stayed whole until completely

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