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  • Engineering Stress And Strain Case Study Answers

    1) What are engineering stress and strain? Answer: Engineering Stress: Engineering stress is also called nominal stress, and it is defined as the applied load divided by the original cross sectional area of the material. Engineering Strain: Engineering strain is defined as the amount of material that deforms per unit length in a tensile test. Engineering strain is also known as nominal strain. 2) In the figure below, graphically show the toughness of three class materials:…

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  • Communication Class Reflection

    When I registered for this class, I thought it was going to be easy peasy. I was so wrong! I was actually quite frustrated with the amount of time and effort I had to put into a freshman level communications class. On average, I would say I spent about 6 hours a week completing my assignments. This number slightly changed depending on the assignments due that week. After getting over my initial attitude, I tried to not let negative thoughts get in the way of my work. Throughout the…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Streetcar Named Desire

    From a young age I’ve always had dreams, goals, and things I wanted to accomplish. My very first dream started out at the age of 6 when I saw my best friend’s new golden retriever puppy and I decided right then and there that I just had to have one for myself. It become an obsession. That puppy was the only thing I could talk about, dream about, and I just knew that I couldn’t live my life without it. I would consistently beg my dad for that precious puppy and he would always give me the…

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  • Phase A Testing Essay

    4. PHASE A TESTING 4.1. PURPOSE The primary purpose of Phase A testing is to evaluate the feasibility of an Arduino-based system in regards to the load sensor’s ability to weigh the balls and send this information to the Arduino. The physical design structure (funnel, feed ramp and selector disc) is also evaluated. Sorting capabilities are not tested. 4.2. RESULTS The balls had to be individually loaded into the device because the funnel was unable to handle the simultaneous loading of all the…

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  • Airbags Lab Report

    SCIENTIFIC REPORT PROFORMA YEAR 8 Task 1 2018 Student name: Jacob Teacher: Miss Bianchi Class: 8.5 Due: Tuesday 27th March 2018 TITLE: Bouncing Balls BACKGROUND RESEARCH: Physics: is the main part of science involved with the character and properties of matter and energy. Matter of physics includes: mechanics, heat, light-weight and alternative radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and also the structure of atoms. Physics has many things that help us or things we use and we…

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  • Growth Kinetic: A Case Study

    3.1. Growth Kinetic of strain: The growth curve of strain in both of mediums is shown in Fig. 1 (Supplementary data). It was apparent that 2 hours after nucleation of culture, strain interred to logarithmic phase and continues for 10 h in MRS broth and 12 h in PPM medium. Sonication continued in logarithmic phase in 2 h intervals. 3.2. The effect of ultrasound on growth kinetic: The growth curves plotted for the two condition (with and without sonication) (Fig. 1), growth kinetic parameters…

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  • Gas Turbine Theory

    Two factors are required for proper operation of a gas turbine. One is expressed by Newton’s third law. The other is the convergent-divergent process. Convergent means approaching nearer together, as the inner walls of a tube that is constricted. Divergent means moving away from each other, as the inner walls of a tube that flares outward. Bernoulli’s principle is used in this process. The venturi of the common automobile carburetor is a common example of Bernoulli’s principle and the…

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  • Analysis Of The Stress Concentration Experiment

    The aim of the Stress Concentration Experiment was to observe the stress concentration factor/feature for a set of mild steel specimens with various irregularities in each sample. These irregularities or “stress-raisers” include any notches and holes which vary in size (radius) and placement on the specimen (edge notches or holes) that may have an effect on the flow of stress. With the use of a Hounsfield 50 kN electrically operated tensile testing machine and 12 1-mm thick mild steel test…

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  • The Importance Of Measurement

    One of the most important activities of science is measurement. Measurement is a means of quantifying properties for identification. For example, density is the relationship between the mass and volume of a pure substance. One could determine if a piece of yellow metal is gold by determining its density. Measurement allows scientists to make comparisons. Measurement also provides a means by which scientists can judge the reproducibility of an experimental procedure. However, measurement is not…

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  • The Character Of Physical Law By Dr. Feynman

    Within The Character of Physical Law, Dr. Feynman details the characteristics of nature. He describes nature as being incredibly complex, pointing to examples such as the orbits of the planets around the sun and tidal movement. Yet, he is able to describe nature as being simple. For a potential reader this can be confusing, as something cannot simultaneously be simple and complex. It is through the understanding and the application of logic that Feynman connects simple ideas to larger and more…

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