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  • Before Humanities 210: Philosophies And Views

    valuable life on my own and not wait for it to present itself to me. Seeking this fulfilled life allows contact with people and things with a solid base of knowledge about the arts, and interact with individuals appropriately. I am able to contribute to the world of humanities because I know what brings value to the human arts. Only relying on a desire to do something is not enough to have a positive impact on others and it takes perseverance to create beauty one would find in a skilled…

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  • The Importance Of Humanism In Greek Free Standing Sculpture

    standing sculpture was still very rigid and unnatural. The first kouros still resembled ancient Egyptian sculpture. The arms are to the side with his left foot forward, though both heels remain on the ground. Humanism in Greece led to many changes in the art world. Sayre stated “We see more change between the first kouros and the second, a span of just 75 years, than between the first kouros and its Egyptian ancestors, created over 2000 years earlier.” The second kouros showed more naturalistic…

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  • Analysis: Exit Through The Gift Shop

    transformation of a family man obsessed with filming every waking moment, Thierry Guetta, into a self-absorbed and self-proclaimed artist, Mr. Brainwash. In capturing this man’s journey, the documentary brings to light two significant issues in the world of art. The first being the use of assistants to create artwork and the second being the instantaneous success of an artist; whom without the endorsements of already renowned and respected street artists would have never amounted to anything…

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  • The Importance Of Art In Society

    Today, many like Karen Armstrong, acknowledge the significant role art plays in a community. Throughout her essay, Homo Religiosus, she argues that art, much like religion, has the capability to allow one to temporarily forget and transcend their daily struggles, and rather focus on an ideal future. Maggie Nelson’s essay, Great to Watch, questions how society relates to the world and through what can we do so. Nelson opens her text with a discussion of Sister Helen Prejean, who proposes in her…

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  • Interventions Of A Study: Ezell And Levy, 2003)

    Two studies (Anderson & Overy, 2010; Ezell & Levy, 2003) included multiple forms of art interventions including visual arts, creative writing, murals, wood sculpture, graphic design, music, poetry, photography, drama, cartoon art, collage and papier mâché. Both of these studies include pre and post assessments one with a control and one with no control. Sessions lasted 8 weeks (Anderson & Overy, 2010) or for the duration of a participant’s stay (Ezell & Levy, 2003). Ezell and Levy (2003) found…

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  • Analysis Of Adorno And Horkheimer

    the authors defend the sacred place of the traditional art and the high culture, for the sake…

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  • Hunters And Feathers Essay

    Hunters and Gathers Before we even had building and massive cities our ancient relatives live in tribes. There was a simple system of living, you hunt as a group and other gathers living supplies and everyone live to survive and no one went hungry. It was a mass group effort to stay alive and be strong. Somewhere down the line we lost that connection to help each other’s out. We have gave up on all bands that hold us and now rely on self-worth. Only a handful of people try to make sure everyone…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Parks

    Kiss of Rain Walking through parks and not well-known places was something of a hobby of mine. I drew inspiration from undiscovered side streets and recesses of parks. Sometimes I would even stumble across a moment that deserved to be captured by either my camera around my neck or my phone. I always had one or the other on me for these exact purposes. At a park is where I was at this precise moment. One of my favorites actually. No matter how much I kept coming back here there was always…

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  • Why Graphic Design

    Design is a field of art and creativity with innovative creations helping the world develop in a beautiful way. It is of many different types such as graphic, digital and spatial design. Additionally Graphic design recognized as Contact design is a fine art, exercise of arranging and is textual. There are many reputed institutions where we can learn every field of Art. Every student has right to choose their major as per their interest. Graphic design is a famous art which is easy to learn, can…

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  • Tania Bruguera's Performance Analysis

    exclusively with color. Painting’s like this one and other abstract expressionist pieces, evoked religious power because one was to be engulfed by the color, much like a religious experience. Rothko used his art to create an experience for viewers’, something he believed was his role in the art world. This overpowering experience was driven by the power of the image that would not be possible without such eye-catching colors. Similar to Tania Bruguera, Rothko used his power as a visual artist to…

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