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  • The Negative Effects Of Technology On Children With ADHD

    A toddler lacks proper social skills. A child screams and fusses uncontrollably until handed his mother’s IPhone. A teen gets hit by a car walking through a street texting. Two boys obsessed with a video game kill 12 students in a high school shooting. These are not the only cases; many of today’s tragic events derive from a lack of social understanding of others, which is learned at a young age. Our childhoods are a critical time and serve as the foundation for the rest of our lives. Recent…

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  • Expressive-Receptive Language Disorder Case Study

    In addition to an Expressive/ Receptive Language Disorder, Amanda is also presenting with a Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), now commonly referred to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Her symptoms include hyperarousal to visual and auditory stimuli. A Diagnosis of SID entails problems associated with the interpretation of any form of sensory input. A Difficulty processing normal sensory stimuli can affect the normal development of children and with certain degrees of severity relate to…

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  • Phonological Awareness: A Case Study

    In the Language Context subtest area, the client obtained a standard score of 94 with a percentile rank of 34 and a confidence interval of 88-100. This standard score is within normal functional limits. In the Language Structure subtest area, Bernie obtained a standard score of 85 with a percentile rank of 16 with a confidence interval of 79-91. This standard score indicates a borderline average score. In the subtest area of Working Memory, the client obtained a standard score of 77 with a…

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  • Family Based Intervention

    that have children whom are afflicted with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). One of the most formative treatments used by occupational therapist to combat ASD is sensory integration. This treatment is used when a child with ASD exhibits hypo or hypersensitivity to sensory input from their surroundings. Along with sensory integration, occupational therapists are trying a new family centered approach in early intervention. This approach is known as Parent-Directed Family Centered Sensory Based…

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  • Examples Of Five Senses Essay

    hands on projects. Even though learning may happen differently from student to student, there is something that all students share; the five senses. Dr. A. Jean Ayres, who is known for her work on sensory integration, “maintained that the basic operating premise of the theory of sensory integration is that effective learning occurs when the senses are stimulated with incoming information” (Ragonese 3). The five senses have organs which are made up of cells that are connected to the nervous…

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  • Linguistic Innateness Theory: Amanda's Compulsory

    It appears Amanda’s case is connected to Chomsky’s and Pinker’s Linguistic Innateness theory. The Linguistic Innateness theory emphasizes on the notion that language, or “universal grammar,” is innate and is executed through a language acquisition device (LAD) we are all born with (Wolf Nelson, pg. 59-60, 2010). Although the location of this device it is not specified in which area of the brain it is, it in within us. It assists us in acquiring and executing certain aspects language and, if it…

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  • Clinician Intervention Case Study

    The intervention strategies the clinician will use to target Amanda’s specific language weakness are narratives and discourse. The client’s teacher main concerns were the areas of expressive language skills as well as limited vocabulary. The clinician will target narratives and discourse to increase the client’s expressive language skills. Research by McCabe and Bliss, supports that children should have the ability to provide with a minimum of two events in a narrative. The clinician can…

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  • Product Discrimination In Advertising

    Media and advertising, for the most part, have always gone hand in hand. So why is it that music artists are getting a lot of reactions, and backlash for advertising product placement in their songs? The reasoning seems to be behind one word, “value”. The value of something can be the determining factor for everyone involved in the media industry, that includes the artists, the consumers, and the advertisers. The backlash that some of these artists take for “selling out” is a strong one,…

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  • What Is The Greatest Form Of Control?

    The English writer David icke once said, “The greatest form of control is when you think you 're free, when you 're being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can 't see the bars and you think you 're free.” Media is everywhere today, every house has television and internet, everyone has a cellphone, information is constantly being thrown at people-…

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  • The Family 1941 Analysis

    confident analyzing colors in artworks because I learned about the emotions transmitted through colors in various art classes that I took in High School and College. Most art professors like to stress the importance of color in a work of art. They say that the understanding of the usage of the colors in a piece is important when criticizing an artwork. Colors are very important in an art work because it can give away a lot of information about the emotional state of the work. Black and white…

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