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  • Music And Art In Disabled Children

    Music and art are tools that can become a huge impact in a disabled child’s life when they are incorporated in the child’s everyday activities during their development as a child. The use of sound or auditory hearings as well as artistic assignments can be very helpful in order for the child to become more connected with the world through interaction with others. These children gain many new skills that assist them in being more united with others around them. Even though the utilization of art…

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  • Activist Art In Writer's Block

    Lucy Lippard defines activist art as trying to “combine social action, social theory, and the fine arts tradition, in a spirit of multiplicity and integration.” She also describes activist art as being free from any particular style, as a movement for cultural democracy, and as a way of giving a voice to the seemingly invisible and powerless victims of social and political injustice. Thus, many artists have produced activist art for the purpose of expressing their positions on particular…

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  • Essay On Ancient Greek Hellenism

    believed that artists were able to use this stolen fire to create art and interpret truth in a way that normal people were incapable of doing. This view led to them being revered as god-like or even as demigods! There were also many critics who neither trusted artists, as they had allegedly used the stolen fire from the Sun, nor believed they were of any value in the public circle, viewing artwork as useless. In other words, “Art doesn’t have the honesty of reason nor the power of philosophy.”…

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  • Japanese Culture Diversity

    Washington State, Japanese and Hispanic or Latino, embracing three conventional characteristics, family, arts, and holidays; in addition to similarities and differences, finally, application in the classroom. Japanese Japanese culture is abundant and diverse, dating back to 10,000BC when the Jomon immigrate originally colonized in Japan; it is universally recognized for its traditional arts in addition to its contemporary pop culture. Asian lineages consist of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean,…

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  • Fine Arts Social Benefits

    does the district. The lack of funding in the fine arts has greatly affected the cognitive skills that alumni posses, causing them to lose abilities on a creative and abstract level. Those who choose to immerse themselves in these liberal arts reap many benefits such as higher test…

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  • Textual Analysis Of Art

    Art forms an integral part of the society since it serves different needs of the people. The artists find the idea of using artworks conceivable since they use them to blueprint information. As a form of literature, they use it a medium of communication including criticizing the behaviors that do not conform to the societal norms. Moreover, other artists paint their artworks with the aim of fulfilling the aesthetic purpose in the society. It remains of significance for people to try and isolate…

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  • Can These Bones Live Analysis

    of a collage styled piece of art, Theodore A. Harris brings the viewers’ attention to the injustices in America’s society. Can These Bones Live, created in 2008 by Harris, tells a story. Although the three panels are independent from one another, they are not disconnected by any means. One can notice this through the repetition of the unstable composition, same figures, and ink drippings in his work of art. An analysis of Can These Bones Live reveals that the integration of these components…

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  • The Importance Of Cutting The Arts In Schools

    there’s no carolers or Boston Pops. That’s what a world would be like without visual or performing arts and our future world is very vulnerable to this catastrophic possibility because schools continue to cut the arts programs from their schools and their curriculums. To avoid this cultural loss as well as to preserve a curriculum that produces well-rounded and fully educated students, visual and performing arts must continue to be supported and provided in schools. One of the major questions…

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  • Curriculum Revolution: The Infusion And Diffusion Of New Media

    implementation affect Arts curricula and the way the arts are created and approached? Technology has been a very up and coming source used in all cases of everyday life. More and more, we are finding ways that technology can take the place of a tool or way of doing something. A concerning topic is whether or not switching over to so much technology is a good thing. There is becoming more technology put into the education curricula than ever before. Now so, it is moving into the Arts. As we…

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  • Arts, Empathy, And Education By Yo-Yo Ma Analysis

    Arts Students in colleges or universities have complained that why they have to take music apprieciation or art apprieciation if they are majoring in biology or law. According to Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education by Yo-Yo Ma, “The value behind arts integration-collaboration, flexible thinking, and disciplined imagination- lead to the capacity to innovate” (Ma 258). In today society people live in a world where art is all around them, but they don’t know it. This is why universities…

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