The Importance Of The Arts In Schools

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You get into your car and go to turn the radio on; no sound comes out. You go home, sit on the couch, and turn the television on; no programs are playing. You go to a museum; the walls are blank. It’s Christmas time; there’s no carolers or Boston Pops. That’s what a world would be like without visual or performing arts and our future world is very vulnerable to this catastrophic possibility because schools continue to cut the arts programs from their schools and their curriculums. To avoid this cultural loss as well as to preserve a curriculum that produces well-rounded and fully educated students, visual and performing arts must continue to be supported and provided in schools.
One of the major questions asked when it comes to supporting art programs in schools is, how does it impact the four core classes of math, science, social studies and language? Studies have shown that education in the arts actually improves standardized test scores as well as key skills needed to excel in school and in life. As far as standardized test scores, The College Board discovered that “[s]tudents who take four years of arts and music classes while in high school score 91 points better on their SAT exams than students who took only a half year or less” (The College Board, as cited in Hawkins, 2012). When a student receives those 91 extra points additional doors are opened for their future and the word “more” now falls in front of all opportunities: more scholarships are offered, more colleges and universities
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Not only do these programs help students to achieve their full potential, they provide the necessary self-expression and attention that a growing, young mind needs, and can also “…help children develop social and emotional skills...” (Zubrzycki, 2016) that are necessary to

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