Summary: The Importance Of Art Education In Schools

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Picture this a classroom where students need to draw or paint on the back of used paper, where students had to melt used crayons to make new ones. Where teachers have to use their personal bank account to get art supplies. Though school districts cut the arts for financial stability, these school boards should better support art educators to find outside income and create school-sponsored fundraisers.
The 21st century in America for art education came to resolving long conflicts with introducing art education explanations (of why things work or happen the way they do) and practices when blend both content and (acts where people display their personalities to others in different ways). In a national school reform and art infusion, the education in the arts for grades K-12 would evolve and help discipline while still educate the whole child.
With art education reappearing
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The mini-dance clinic gets the entire community involved, teaches great lessons, as well as get the dance team involved in teaching kids of all ages. This fundraiser is a great way to pay for contest fees, get costumes, and even pay towards transportation for contest. How the mini-camp works is your high school dance team officers and director choreograph a simple dance to perform at either the next home football game or basketball game. The age group for the mini-camp is typically ranges from first grade to fifth grade. You can then split the age groups by grade and combine the fourth and fifth graders. An example of cost and profit from “Creative Fundraising Ideas for a Dance Team or Pom Team and How to Implement Them” by Passion for Dance “Total of $20 with $9 profit per child…With 40 in attendance, the total collected is $800; the total cost is $440; the total profit is $360” (“Creative

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