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  • Analysis Of Aestheticism In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

    When observing any form of art, the spectator often attempts to look beneath the surface of the piece to find the artist’s deeper meaning. Throughout the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde emphasizes his belief in aestheticism. He attempts to enforce the idea that art should be created for art’s sake, and that people can not conclude anything about the artist from their art. In the preface, Wilde warns readers that “all art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the…

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  • Definition Essay-What Is Art?

    Artist Edgar Degas defined art as being: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” (Le French 1). In other words, any artist can create something and call it a “piece of art,” but it does not represent any significance if no one can become inspired by it or see the purpose behind it. However, what then would be considered “art” and how would you describe it? A common answer to people is that there is no one particular meaning or that the imagination is endless. Though, true, I…

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  • Summary: Shape: The Face Of The Company

    taken great care to mount and present your work professionally, you 've touched up the walls, fine-tuned the lighting, ordered food and drink for the receptions, sent out the exhibition announcements, labeled the work, and put on your best "I 'm the art star" outfit. Your friends, family, and classmates arrive and admire your work. They compliment you, ask you questions, and offer warm critiques. You are proud of the work you’ve made.…

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  • Castello Cavalcanti Visual Analysis

    Throughout the course of the film, “Castello Cavalcanti ”, Wes Anderson uses color, precise framing, music, Eye line shots and detailed composition of the frames to convey the narrative to the audience. The use of Eye line shot and pan shot brought flow and smoothness to the theme of the film. The music and the image throughout the film mostly went hand in hand and parallel to the narrative and the plot of the film. We can even notice the movements of the camera to be quite methodical, that is,…

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  • Fred Ritchin's Why Violent News Images Matter

    A picture is worth a thousand words. This phrase has been around for a while. But should those thousand words be said? Should that picture be taken? This is what author Fred Ritchin addresses in his essay “Why Violent News Images Matter.” Ritchin assesses both sides of the argument on violent images and informs the reader on what he thinks should be done. He takes on an almost casual and educating tone, like a teacher, to explain each side of the argument and lead the readers to his conclusion.…

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  • Max Beckmann's Large Picture Of Women: Fisherwomen

    to go to the St. Louis Art Museum. I found this to be the perfect place for me to find a piece to write my paper on. I fought over which piece I should write on as I found several that caught my eye. From Van Gough’s paintings to sculptures by local artist, I finally settled on Max Beckmann’s Large Picture of Women—Fisherwomen. In the piece I was able to analyze the work in terms of form and content, describe, interpret, and evaluate his piece. I found this work of art in St. Louis, Missouri…

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  • Leo Sewell And Betsy Youngquist: An Analysis

    “Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2015). Two artists, Leo Sewell and Betsy Youngquist, both show their imagination and innovation through very different art works. Both of these artists are now known worldwide because of their use of everyday junk objects to create their marvellous artworks. The use of everyday items such as old toys or…

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  • An Anthropologist On Mars Analysis

    Through art of investigation Sacks discovers the people that are featured in his essays by looking at them more then case studies. For this book Sacks often had to travel to very far destinations. He made it a point to travel outside the hospital setting, to interact…

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  • Pablo Picasso's Art Is Not The Truth

    phenomenon especially when attempting to captivate his audience and also try to convey a message through his artwork. Picasso believed that art was not the truth, moreover it is a lie in which the artist depicts though their art in order to make a point. Not only does this occur in artwork, but in literature as well. In the attempts of proving a point in either forms of art, written and drawn, a lie is important in revealing the truth.…

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  • Jean Michel Basquiat Biography

    stopped due to outside pressure and he seemed to know where he stood in the art world as well. In the Sirmans paper, Basquiat is represented as a well rounded artist who went forward with his career without fear and he embraced his race and showed it shamelessly through his artwork. Sirmans discusses Basquiat’s early career and how he was a pioneer just by combining different elements such as music, performance and visual art together. Basquiat was also faced with many doubts from critics of…

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