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  • Reflection On Reinvesting In Arts Education

    1. A key concept that I experienced throughout this course was collaboration. According to “Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America 's Future Through Creative Schools,” establishing collaborative connections among different educators in the arts is a top priority in education reform to foster a “creativity-rich environment” in schools (vii). Collaboration is getting emphasized in education reform because it helps build more creative atmospheres that in turn, give students more…

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  • An Imagined Place Art And Life On The Coast Of Dream Analysis

    In Kevin Starr’s article, “An Imagined Place: Art and Life on the Coast of Dream”, he lists the arts that contribute to the perception of California as a place of promise. He captures the promise of California by giving specific examples from each of the arts and how they contribute to the creation of this promise. Of these arts however, photography and outdoors/sports are the best for exploring the connection between promise and the arts. The utilization of photography and the outdoors as an…

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  • Integrating The Arts In Today's Society

    In our current society, art has the power to manipulate expression to the extent that it is different for everyone. The various colors and brush strokes are utilized as a method, to reveal a message that enters deep into the subconscious mind, leaving people feeling different emotions. Artists or even art enthusiasts have a better sense of emotions, giving them a different understanding of the world around them. Yo Yo Ma, an artist, a visionary, a cellist, a connoisseur of the rare beauty,…

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  • Role Of Contrast In Visual Art

    Visual/Kindergarten Unit Focus Students study the role of contrast in visual art following a unit on community and the individual. They examine the role that difference plays in society, creating diverse and democratic groups. They then compare this to compositions in the arts, examining how contrast functions to create visual interest (“There is no light without dark“). Students will focus on the way an artist uses the elements of art to create contrast within a work in addition to gaining a…

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  • Analysis Of Liturgy And The Monument By Roger E. Reynolds

    Roger E. Reynolds, “Liturgy and the Monument”, in Artistic Integration in Gothic Buildings (Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, 1995), 57-68. In his article, Roger Reynolds argues that liturgy and cathedrals and a relationship of mutual adaptation. He argues that they would each adapt their forms and traditions to the other depending on which preceded in each specific case, (i.e. an older building with contemporary liturgy, or a new building being built to fit liturgical…

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  • Joe Public: Fonts For The Future

    and Xolisa Dyeshana are chief creative officer and executive creative director for the advertising agency: Joe Public. Marais grew up in Somerset West and after matriculating in 1986, he joined the army. In 1991, he entered the Ruth Prowse School of Art where he completed a diploma in graphic design. After eight years filled with an award winning period, he founded Joe Public with his founding partner, Gareth Leck. Dyeshana is from Mdantsane Township outside East London in the Eastern Cape. At…

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  • Informative Speech On Mona Lisa

    I. Attention getter: Does anyone of you know Mona Lisa? Most of the people know it because it is the most recognizable and parodied painting of all time but have anyone of you ever wonder what the painting is all about? And the most important question is; do you know who created all these well-known painting and what other masterpiece he did? “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci ( n.d) Leonardo da Vinci is a writer, mathematician, inventor and…

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  • Observational Child Observation

    As a project for my Child Development class, I completed an observational child study. I chose a four year old male child of one of my co-workers, whom I had met several months prior to the study. Paxton was born on June 15, 2012 and was six weeks premature. Aside from the requirement of a feeding tube at birth, Paxton suffered no complications. At 30 pounds and 33 inches, he is in the 5th percentile in weight and the 25th percentile in height (Clinical Growth Charts, 2016). His height is…

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  • Early Childhood Observation Summary

    General Information: Emma is 5 year old girl currently attending Mrs. Engel’s early childhood afternoon classroom. A re-evaluation was requested in order to gather additional information in preparation for her transition into Kindergarten. Emma currently received direct occupational therapy services. Per chart review Emma received early intervention services through the Indiana First Step program prior to attending the Early Childhood program. Summary of Procedures: Emma was evaluated…

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  • Language Theory/Neurological Explanation

    and 6 typically developing children. The second year, consisted of 19 children: 12 children with disabilities and 7 typically developing children. The results from the study indicated “robust effects on the communicative interaction and social integration of preschools. . .” (Goldstein, et al,…

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