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  • Visual And Preforming Arts In The 21st Century

    Visual and Preforming Arts are essential for learning in the 21st century. The adoption of the CCSS provides an avenue for teachers to integrate art into the standards. At the center of the CCSESA is eight guiding principles. All of the principals are interrelated and promote student success. Core principals are: Enriched and affirming learning environments, Empowering pedagogy, Challenging and relevant curriculum, High quality instructional resources, Valid and comprehensive assessment, High…

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  • Fundamentality Of Art In Public Education Essay

    The Fundamentality of the Arts in Public Education Picture a barren wasteland, empty of any thought that branches outside of normality. Beige walls decorate bland streets filled with broken dreams and sullied minds. This is the world without art. Earth takes breaths of life and joy because we strive to create. The world needs art, not for survival, but for the sake of its people. To rephrase: humanity needs art. Art and music help to fuel the brain, these fields of creativity are challenging…

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  • Renaissance Through The Baroque: The Early Italian Renaissance

    The Renaissance through the Baroque, Chapter 19 In the early Italian Renaissance what major family influenced artists and give three examples? The Medici family was very influential in the art world due to their creation of the Platonic Academy of philosophy. Many artists such as Botticelli and Michelangelo, were apart of the Platonic Academy of philosophy. This academy not only funded many artists, but it also gave birth to the beliefs of Neoplatonists. Neoplatonists believed that in the…

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  • Education: The Importance Of The Arts In Education

    I remember when I was in Elementary School and every day we had time to do music, art, and/or theater both in class and as an extra elective. I know that personally for me this was my favorite part of each day when I was able to have a bit more freedom and express myself the way I wanted to through the arts. Every day this is what my classmates and I looked forward to, every lesson we got to use the arts or every time we went to our electives we loved learning and remembered what we learned…

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  • Art Versification And Visual Art

    Versification & Visual Art “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” A quote from great thinker Leonardo Da Vinci that perfectly encompasses the utterly complex comparison between poetry as a written art versus visual art.In this essay I will be exploring the idea that while these two forms of expression and production have their differences, they inevitably influence each other and when combined together, can create art that…

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  • Dance Across Cultures

    an understanding on the importance of unity. When the tragedy of 9/11 stuck our country, the music expressed memories, emotions, strength, and perseverance as a nation. 4. Why are “knowledge” songs the place where art meets science? Knowledge songs transmit knowledge that binds art and science. This is achieved through songs about family, history, politics, and moral lessons, but include the cues of music through rhythm, structure, and melody. Music reinforces and assists in memorization and…

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  • Im Therapy

    . They noted that a lack of consistent findings amongst the different studies attempting to replicate results, as well as the fact that no significant Group x Time of the experiment was obtained suggested that “tutoring and no treatment, respectively, were as effective as SI therapy…” (Hoehn, Baumeister 347). It was discussions like these that caused practitioners, therapists, and Institutions dedicated to the care of patients with neuroatypical disorders to revisit their approach to effective…

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  • Antropofagia Analysis

    significant part of understanding her art as it is a source of her drive to change modern…

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  • The Trickster's Methodological Potent

    In Section I, I will discuss the ways in which feminist artists of the 1970s have reclaimed craft to illuminate and destabilize the fictitious art/craft divide. I will continue by explaining how these artists not only privileged craft but embodied craft. In other words, I will explore the ways in which a legacy of feminist artists has performed the role of the trickster, embodying “the crafty…

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  • English Language Learners

    Since the introduction of art to society many millennia ago, the fine arts have been used to convey ideas, core values and themes to a captive audience. Whether that fine art is music, drama, visual art or any other medium, everyone around the globe lives and breathes art. Whether someone is a cinephile, enjoys Broadway, frequents museums, or listens to Bach in their car on the way to work, they all have one thing in common- they are learning and enjoying new concepts through a very powerful…

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