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  • Drug Abuse At Australian Music Festivals

    drug abuse at Australian music festivals is educating the music festival volunteers/staff members as well as the attendees on the different types of drugs that is out there, how to properly consume it and its effect on the human body. Major organizations that aid in providing public health include the environmental health practitioners (EHP), local government authorities (LGA) as well as volunteer organizations which provide volunteering staff members at music festivals. Their aim is providing…

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  • Analysis Of Pedro Almodovar's Film Julieta

    making it in Spanish. The New York Film Festival was the film’s American debut and both leading actresses as well as Almodovar were present for the occasion. Julieta relates to the trends identified in global art cinema by displaying symbolic and ambiguous aesthetics, depending on festival circuits rather than studio distribution, and employing…

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  • Film Degree

    College in Columbia, Missouri, where she is working to complete her degree in digital filmmaking. While many see this as a risky career path to choose, Kirsten was more than willing to take the risk, during an interview she explained, “film was my art medium, I loved creating. I had fun doing it so I figured I could make a career out of it”. Even though much of her friends and family encouraged her to choose a more “realistic” degree, Kirsten has always followed her passion and faces the future…

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  • The Invisible Man Research Paper

    There is probably no one I salute more than legitimate independent film champions. I find myself regularly seeking out those who deserve to be highlighted for their genuine dedication to telling the stories about which they are passionate while maintaining complete creative control. What some people don 't realize is that filmmakers like Rachel Amanda Bryant oftentimes are required to do more than just act, as you will see in her responses to the questions I posed to her about her beginnings in…

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  • The 1969 Woodstock In 1969

    A wide open field in upstate New York turns into the hotspot of the country in 1969. Same event 30 years later, in an abandoned airport terminal, turns into a horror story, all over national news. This event; Woodstock. The ideas behind the original hippie concert were destroyed after the 1999 anniverary concert, but never forgotten. The 1969 Woodstock had a much deeper value to the world than other anniversary concerts. In 1969, the idea of Woodstock came about as an idea of creating a music…

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  • How Does Music Influence Art

    Petty and the Heartbreakers, Nirvana, and many more. This music impacted my life and influenced me to be open-minded, care-free, and creative. This anecdote sparks some curiosity; am I the only one affected by music and art? A larger question would be whether or not music and art have affected society as a whole throughout history. Many studies have been conducted by experts and gurus alike regarding the impact of artists and musicians on other specific artists throughout their careers. Most of…

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  • Influence Of Music In The 1960s

    Daniel Dolan Mrs. Jankowski, p.7 American History III February 23, 2016 How Did Music in the 1960’s change the public opinion during Vietnam As the War in Vietnam raged on the people in America started to turn against it. Protests and protest music fueled the youth of the generation, with only peace and happiness to offer. The protest movement actually prospered when famous musicians and celebrities joined the movement. However, this movement was not popular with the older generations…

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  • Woodstock: The Rise And Fall Of The Woodstock Festival

    Woodstock The woodstock festival was a musical concert. This concert lasted for three days, Woodstock was not only known for the music but peace, sex and drugs. Woodstock was a turning point for the younger generation. Woodstock was supposed to take place in Wallkill, N.Y, but just a month before Woodstock it fell through. The concert promoters had to find somewhere else for the concert to take place, they found Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, an alfalfa farm. Young people from all over the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Harn Museum Of Art

    affluent. There was never much involvement of art in my early life, my parents were busy blue-collar workers and often saw art as a shiny unnecessity. As I grew though, I often found myself drawn to the artistic talents of others, slightly green with jealousy because of my own lack of abilities. Naturally I made peace with this, and now I am drawn to all sorts of exhibitions and artistic expressions. Given that I had just recently visited the Harn Museum of the Arts, and I did a very thorough…

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  • Symbolism In The Film Gasman

    Award Best International Short Film or Video in 1998 at the Atlantic Film Festival, BAFTA Scotland Award Best Short Film in 1997 at the BAFTA Awards in Scotland which was shared with Gavin Emerson (producer), Gold Plaque Best Narrative Short Film in 1998 at the Chicago International Film Festival, Leopards of Tomorrow Best Film in 1998 at the Locarno International Film Festival, as well as, many nominations at other festivals. This film overall highlights Lynne’s film style and use of innocence…

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