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  • Creativity And Commerce In Film Essay

    creativity and commerce; however, this struggle is nothing new to the role of a film producer. Film producers turn ideas into motion pictures and oversee all creative and commercial decisions from start to finish. The core of the job comes from balancing art and business in film, aiming to tell creative stories that are made efficiently as well as being profitable. In an academic study on creativity and commerce, Dr. Andrew Spicer stated that the job of a film producer is “characterised as the…

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  • What Is Islamic Art?

    French scholar and art critic Souren Melikian criticizes the concept of an all-encompassing notion of Islamic art, stating that a European equivalent wouldn’t exist in both the museum and academia (Melikian, 2004). Indeed it would be frowned upon to be a specialist in “Western art” ranging from Greek antiquity to Futurism, yet this case for an “Islamic art” specialist. It is perfectly acceptable to demand from a scholar in “Islamic art” to know about early Islamic Abbasid architecture, and late…

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  • On Being Serious In The Art World Analysis

    (Cooke). She studied a foundation course at Central St Martins, and obtained her degree at Falmouth College of Art and her master degree at the the Royal Academy Schools (Wright). She did a variety of job to support her artistic life before she became famous. After she received different awards and distinctions such as Turner prize nomination and the Pinchuk Foundation Future Generation Art Prize 2012 (Wright), she was finally able to work as a full-time artist (Cooke). Her formal academic…

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  • Beinex In America Film Analysis

    JEAN-JAQUES BEINEIX: Beineix started his career as a assistant director on fifteen adverts before releasing his first feature in 1981 ‘Diva’, which attracted the attention of key post-modernism theorist Frederic Jameson, who identified it as the first French postmodern film. Despite ‘Diva’ becoming a cult film for the youth of the time, the French film critic establishment did not appreciate the superficial aspects of its postmodern aesthetics. It was simply considered an irrational attachment…

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  • Personal Narrative: Blast Na's Represent

    I began writing scripts of my own and went on to submitting one of them to the Sundance Film Festival for their annual Screenwriter’s Program. I prayed that I would get the help necessary to help fund my idea and turn it into a film, but unfortunately my story got rejected. This screenplay that I worked on day and night, was a story fueled by personal…

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  • Art And Social Engagement: Personal Statement

    If anyone asks me what have motivated my life, my answer would be this: “The two gears that have been driving my life are art and social engagement.” Since childhood, I have experienced various genres of art, covering classical music, traditional Korean painting, and creative writing. With all these experiences, I fell in love with art, more specifically with the delights generated from expressing my imaginations and communicating others with the language of beauty. In the mean time, I have…

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  • Gender Inequality In Film Essay

    Gender Inequality in the Film Industry needs to be talked about If you can’t name 5 female directors that have directed more than 3 films, gender inequality exists in the film world. There is a huge pay, equality, opportunity, and bais gap between men and women in the film industry. For every 5 men working, there is 1 woman (Zurko). As a women pursuing film, it’s discouraging how i will have less opportunity and wage than someone else just because of my gender. By highlighting the social and…

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  • Peanut Farming Case Study

    (Thompson, 2013). Currently there are about 9 peanut farms located in Dothan. On average, Dothan produces about 400 million pounds of peanuts a year and that number is expecting to increase in years to come. In addition, Dothan holds National Peanut Festival that…

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  • Samson Film Techniques

    2009 Camera d’Or Cannes Film Festival winner ‘Samson & Delilah’ really hits the nail on the head, presenting a raft of Indigenous issues, with incredibly real acting adding authenticity. Although it is not like a typical boy-meets-girl film, it has a powerful message for all viewers. Set in Central Australia, the film portrays the love story of two Indigenous teenagers. The story follows Samson (Rowan McNamara), a 15-year-old petrol sniffing teenager with no discernible future, and Delilah…

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  • Pawnee Killer Interview Essay

    Outside of Hell On Wheels, Pawnee Killer continues to bring an awareness and understanding to my non-indigenous brothers and sisters on the plight of my Indigenous people through personal interactions at festivals and other…

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