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  • Public Art Programs

    Art, in its various forms, is an important part or society with many benefits. Although often not recognized as such, the arts have as much value in society as maths or sciences, and should have adequate funding. Arts bring beauty and culture to communities and participating in art helps people to develop real life skills. Having public art programs available would create a safe space for creative expression and would give more people access to materials, space, and instruction to make art.…

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  • Food As An Art Analysis

    debate whether the food should be viewed as art or not. The author Susan Smillie begins her article with a brief introduction of a piece of news which involves a wonder chef, Ferran Adria. The chef was invited to Documenta, the five-yearly German art show by the festivals director Roger Buergel as one of only two Spaniards. Then the debate was raised that whether Ferran Adria should be invited or not and even whether the food could be viewed as a kind of art or not. The author puts out her own…

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  • Why Do Language Die Noah Tesch Analysis

    Preserving Endangered Languages As An Art Form The article “Why Do Language Die?” by Noah Tesch reminds me a conversation that I had with a Cherokee when I visited a Cherokee Preservation festival several years ago. When I asked if they are speaking their native languages, he told me that the government requires their younger generations to learn whatever are in their culture, including learning the Cherokee language, because their language is near extinction. Languages are not only a way to…

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  • David Attenborough's The Great Barrier Reef

    The environmental theme and consequent subject matter of my proposed project was initially inspired by David Attenborough’s three part documentary series The Great Barrier Reef, which addresses the deterioration of the coral reef. The artwork I plan takes further inspiration from artists including Margaret and Christine Wertheim, Bansky and Jenny Pollack. The Wertheims’ The Bleached Reef and Jenny Pollak’s One Degree of Separation, both of which are installations, reference the fragility of…

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  • What It Means To Be An Artist Essay

    By definition, an artist is "a person who creates art." It seems pretty simple, but to me truly being an artist is so much more. Being an artist means creating something that makes somebody feel. Being an artist means forgetting limits and boundaries and letting your imagination flow freely onto the canvas. Being an artist means exploring and expressing yourself and your emotions, whether it be through painting, drawing, or sculpting. Being an artist means pouring your heart and soul into…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In The Film Industry

    types of arts, arts can be anything from those three examples to philosophy, literature, theater, photography, architecture, dance, and of course film. I strongly believe that my documentary would be able to change people’s perspective towards film and would help them appreciate and even enter a career in the film industry. There was that person that changed my view towards film and even helped me make my career choice. Now I would like to help others that were like me understand the true art in…

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  • White American Dance

    vocally explaining them? Absolutely. Since the beginning of time, dance and rhythmic movement have been used to personify the intangible which resides within the mind and soul of one’s entity. Understanding this, the idea that dance as an interpretive art form comes as no surprise. Just as marching and writing are used to release pent up energy, so is dancing, Black people have been dancing since the beginning of time. It seems as though this has been a key part of heritage from the time…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mexican American Culture

    represents who you are and where you come from. Culture is defined as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. People see art and entertainment as important parts of life because it is a form of expression and is something to be taken in. It is a source of beauty and pleasure. All human societies have forms of beauty and pleasure. Culture consist of five elements: traditions/customs, art/entertainment, language/education, values/ norms, and…

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  • Anya Gallaccio: A Visual Analysis

    Art was the part of the life of people from all centuries. It let people express themselves, to communicate with others, to share messages or ideas and to make life more beautiful. But art exists across history. Art has been transcending through artists until our days. It is important not only to respect world famous artists from previous centuries but also to support modern ones. Contemporary artists today have strong works, filled with beauty, deep meaning, and talent. One of them is British…

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  • Richard Demarco Analysis

    as the journey’s destination and the underlying theme is Time. 4.5.1 Spirals and Journeys. A key development in the Scottish art scene came in the 1970s with the work of Richard Demarco in bringing together artists whose views helped to change opinion on what constituted art in Scotland. Demarco has been described as ‘a pioneer in Scotland of the notion of contemporary art as firmly integrated with the landscape, whether through the making of a journey or of…

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