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  • Global Art Cinema

    Global art cinema has been a widely contested term among film critics and scholars alike. The term was created to help categorize and define a genre of film that directly opposes First Cinema, or commercial cinema produced and distributed by Hollywood in the United States. In the book, Global Art Cinema, Second Cinema, or art cinema, has been summarized by authors Rosalind Galt and Karl Schoonover, as being feature films typically including “...foreign production, overt engagement of aesthetic..…

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  • Nuit Blanche: An Ethnographic Art

    thousands of years, art has evolved and transformed and continues to do so day by day. Whether it is music, dance, film or visual art, these art forms are such an important part of history. In times past art was recognized and appreciated tremendously. In our society today, filled with technology people forget to stop and admire the wonders of art. From evening to daylight, the city of Toronto is converted by artists. People from all over gather in the downtown core to experience art in its…

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  • Leo Sewell And Betsy Youngquist: An Analysis

    “Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2015). Two artists, Leo Sewell and Betsy Youngquist, both show their imagination and innovation through very different art works. Both of these artists are now known worldwide because of their use of everyday junk objects to create their marvellous artworks. The use of everyday items such as old toys or…

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  • Painless Movie Analysis

    Sofia Mikheeva ENG 220: Film Criticism Spring 2016 Dr. Sean Homer Film Review 3/31/2016 Painless (Insensibles) 2012 Director: Juan Carlos Medina Production companies: Les Films d’Antoine, Tobina Film, Fado Filmes Running time: 100 minutes Country: Spain, France, Portugal Release dates: September 8, 2012 Director Juan Carlos Medina’s debut fantastic horror movie combines two narratives - a contemporary thriller plot with flashbacks to the Spanish Civil War and running through to the 60’s.…

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  • Rolling Stones Influence

    The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The band was formed in England in 1962 and is still together after over fifty years, giving it the record for longevity. Today the band has four core members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, who have become huge, recognizable names in pop culture. Throughout their career the band released 29 studio albums and contributed many songs to the top of the music charts of many countries. Jagger and Richards…

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  • Dragon Boat Racing History

    Across the globe there are a number of barriers that separate the people who live within them. Language, religion, race, culture, and geography are just a few of these barriers. Throughout time people have seen many events that can bind some of these countries together. One constant is athletic events. Some countries are more powerful at this. Ancient Chinese sports like juedixi, dragon boat racing, and cuju are able to connect and unify many people across the globe and allow barriers to be…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Life During The Renaissance

    Renaissance is known for the festivals of modern day people and even some music but this time period was also a huge turning point for arts and sciences. This time period gave way to “a great revival of interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome” With many new developments of the world and lives of the people living during this time came new influences and even some old ones. Astronomy, exploration, philosophy, literature, and especially the world of art were off…

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  • Mf Husain Case Study

    Keywords: Great Indian Personalities, artists, paintings, M F Husain, M F Hussain, kids, kids world fun Text: M F Husain , or popularly known as MF, was one of the most gifted and celebrated Indian modernist painter of the 20th century M.F Husain’s art was prolific in both technique and theme and he was widely known for his vibrant colored, bold, and narrative paintings in a Cubist style. He was immensely popular in India and was also popular internationally.…

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  • Public Art Programs

    Art, in its various forms, is an important part or society with many benefits. Although often not recognized as such, the arts have as much value in society as maths or sciences, and should have adequate funding. Arts bring beauty and culture to communities and participating in art helps people to develop real life skills. Having public art programs available would create a safe space for creative expression and would give more people access to materials, space, and instruction to make art.…

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  • Food As An Art Analysis

    debate whether the food should be viewed as art or not. The author Susan Smillie begins her article with a brief introduction of a piece of news which involves a wonder chef, Ferran Adria. The chef was invited to Documenta, the five-yearly German art show by the festivals director Roger Buergel as one of only two Spaniards. Then the debate was raised that whether Ferran Adria should be invited or not and even whether the food could be viewed as a kind of art or not. The author puts out her own…

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