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  • Case Study: Yonge-Dundas

    The central hub of downtown Toronto, Yonge-Dundas is a public square situated at the south-east corner of the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street East across from the Toronto Eaton Centre. The site is bordered on the north by Dundas Street, on the east by Victoria Street, on the west by Yonge Street, and on the south by a former street named Dundas Square. In 1998, as part of the Yonge Street Regeneration Project, Toronto City Council approved the expropriation and demolition of the…

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  • M3 Event Planning

    In order to organise a large event such as the Rhythm & Vines Music festival, the event coordinators have to carefully construct a plan which ensures that they have enough resources to accommodate and supervise the influx of people at their festival. To have a successful event, one must create the perfect plan to ensure that the festival returns annually and does not go out of business. The most crucial process of the event is the process of planning and decision making, particularly because if…

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  • Contemporary Event Industries

    This portfolio contains three parts of discussions which relates to the modern contemporary event industries. The first part of the discussion is on alcohol and drug management. According to New Zealand Police (2014), alcohol permitted events are associated with violence in a such environment where it is non-restrictive, a large groups of young males and crowding. Also, added that university sports fan students are mostly found to be drinking more alcohols and getting involved in binge drinking.…

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  • Fiesta San Antonio Festival

    is the only one in the country to be planned and directed completely by women. Today it’s the largest parade in Fiesta. It’s second in size, nationally only to the Tournament of Roses Parade. Fiesta San Antonio is a ten-day festival held every spring in San Antonio. The festival starts on…

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  • Asbury Film And Music Festival Analysis

    image and brand of an event to be associated with a particular destination. The Asbury Film and Music festival attempts to demonstrate the city of Asbury as an image of vibrant cultural and musical history and caliber, in order to attract an influx of tourism. Many cities and destinations are seeking to focus on the creation and hosting of special events and festivals. The Asbury Film and Music festival are attempting to attract a high volume of tourists and enhance the destinations image,…

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  • Kadazan Festivals

    Festivals Festival can be defined as any occasion for celebration, especially one which commemorates an anniversary or other significant event, and normally the festival celebrated give people so much to remember until it becomes a memory. Different countries have different festivals, history, culture, values, beliefs, languages and religions. Therefore, this rules apply to the Kadazans too. There are several festivals celebrated by the Kadazans, and is still practiced until now. The Harvest…

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  • The Carnival Of Venice And The Occupation Of Italian Culture

    The celebration today lasts two weeks long and has many elements to it. This occupation includes ways for members to socially interact, to learn about the culture, and to engage in leisure activities. Most elements are open to the public such as the concerts and street performances that are preformed from the members, and the candle-lit parade of boats. The street performances include the parade that each individual contributes in. Participants dress up from head to toe in a unique costume and…

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  • The Importance Of Birthday Traditions

    A birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures;, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. There are many interesting facts about birthday and also, a lot of stories around it. Are you ready to find out? First, let’s figure out where did birthday traditional come from? There are several rumous about this. Some people assummed that birthday traditional had appeared a long times ago, around…

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  • The Importance Of Carnival

    Carnival is a celebration of different colors which converts into beautiful customs, calypso and steel pan music, different forms of dancing, foods, and Caribbean style arts that fascinates thousands of people from many different parts of the world. Trinidad and Tobago carnival is a once a year event with a combination of many different activities. The main purpose of the carnival is to reveal their culture and way of life by bringing everyone together. Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island,…

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  • The Thump That Bind At The Vagator Park

    It was a team event where every team had 4 members and each member had to make one figure-of-eight before giving the bike to his other team member to do the same. Yours truly also tried his hands in this competition, but my team was disqualified as the last team member had put the foot down while making the last circle. Next on list was the slowrace, a solo event where the rider had to cover a few meters on the ground, riding as slow as he or she could, without stalling the bike or putting the…

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