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  • Digital Music Piracy Research Paper

    “Until the 1990s, a musician had little choice but to sign with one of the record companies, and the record companies took advantage of their oligopolist position to exact a high price from the artist”(453). This is no longer the case because artist can now release their own music and reach fans through social networks, becoming independent…

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  • Universal Themes In Euripides Medea

    Themes: Euripides’ Medea is undoubtedly the most famous and widely produced in modern times. One of the reasons for this modern popularity is a sense that the emotions of this story, though emphasized to the levels of Greek tragedy, are extremely modern and relatable. People move on more than they used to, and can tolerate abandoning their own families and homelands to be with their beloved, to start a family in a new land and hope for it to thrive.To achieve the influence today, any production…

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  • Archives Chapter 2 Summary

    for Archives and Manuscripts talked about the same things in a different book. Before I summarized the chapter from the three books. I’d First would like to tell you the definition of the words archives. Pugh states that the word Archives mean the record of organizations in which was created or accumulated in the course of daily activities, and save by the “organizations” because they are useful (p. 13). The first book I read that talks about introduction to archives called Developing and…

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  • Narrative: When I Buy Me A New Home

    building steam in their city of Detroit over the past couple months due to the success and popularity of their first song, “Back to Back.” So much steam had been built that the heads of their hometown’s own Motown Records reached out to discuss the possibility of adding the group to their record label. William peeked outside the window, “It’s here!” The Funky Fruit exited the recording studio and made their way to the cab. “Hello, sir. 2648 West Grand Boulevard is the destination.” Mo stated…

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  • Pink Floyd Foo Fighter Analysis

    versions in the postwar era were used to “cash in on the potential popularity of a recording by creating their own (sometimes almost indistinguishable) versions of it.” However, the reason that a musician records a cover song has drastically changed since the late 1940s. Nowadays, musicians record a cover song to pay homage to their favorite musicians and to the musicians that have inspired them. This is exactly why Foo Fighters covered a song composed by Pink Floyd called “Have a Cigar” and in…

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  • My Career College Essay

    untitled It 's 2 a.m. on my first Friday morning as a college student. My temples begin to ache, as my eyelids gradually gain weight – a long night has turned into an early morning. A biology lab lurks just past the rising sun. Do I continue to finish my beat or do I use the remaining hours to rest before an overloaded morning? As I try to answer that question, a larger, looming one presents itself: Do I follow my dream of becoming a major music producer or do I take a safer route,…

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  • Tiger Rag Analysis

    of themes such as the ability to overcome loss, to support the ones we love regardless of their faults, and to face wizards within. While both Ruby and Devon were well advanced characters, in such unambiguous contrast to the greatly entertaining records in the past, they feel skinny. Ruby, a physician, is on her way to New York City to provide a discourse on anesthetic-induced amnesia. On the other hand, Devon has survived on the environs of jazz (Christopher 53). She seems to be relying on Ruby…

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  • Stax Museum Reflection

    I learned about the importance of Stax Records, how it impacted the community around the people of Memphis, TN and how Stax Records was not just another business to be run for profit. But, a family of intense individuals who loved making music, despite the color of their skin. I also found out, the doors were always open to the people…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Odysseus And Telemachus

    Both Odysseus and Telemachus play extremely pivotal and important roles in Homer’s The Odyssey. The phrase “like father like son” can easily describe the similarities between Odysseus and Telemachus’s characters. However, no human beings are exactly alike as both characters also share a great number of differences. So although Odysseus and Telemachus are both similar in the way that they’re great heroic warriors, they differ in craftiness and arrogance which reflect Ancient Greek values.…

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  • Medical Record Setting

    Medical Record Documentation in the Veterinary Setting A record, synonymous with other terms such as, health record or medical record, is a collection of related fields that refers to all the data accumulated regarding the patient’s visit or all of the patient’s visits. The health information professional will find that in relation to the veterinary health medical record, similarities between the veterinary delivery care setting and human health care setting extend to the approach veterinary…

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