A Rhetorical Analysis Of Theoretical Connections

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The Pitch

I lived and worked as a musician in Los Angeles, California through the1990’s, I am a guitar player/singer -songwriter. During that time I had worked with amazing musicians, engineers, producers, and over time, I had developed a good network of relationships within the industry, which is a great position to be in, because, in LA, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Over the years, I had my own project going, a band called Cranium Lounge. This band was run by myself and my singer and songwriting partner, Rob.
That was my personal project, my baby, and Rob and I had a knack for writing good songs, so I cherished this project more than anything. I was also a “gun-for-hire” and was hired to play guitar for recording sessions
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According to Harvard Management; what makes someone a good communicator? There’s no mystery here, not since Aristotle identified the three critical elements- ethos, pathos, and logos about a thousand years ago (Edinger, S. 2013).
According to Harvard Management; Ethos deals with credibility, which is often determined by those that have technical expertise in a specific area. It also reflects integrity and character, which helps convince people you are not going to lie to them (Edinger, S. 2013). Analyzing my persuasion situation, can we find any egos? We sure can, in a variety of ways and more importantly, on both sides.
We can safely say David has built ethos by his expansive experience as a professional recording engineer. He manages a world class studio and has worked with some of the biggest bands. So he has clout, street cred-ethos. From his perspective he sees me as a knowledgeable engineer, a professional guitarist that works with top notch musicians and writes great songs, that’s my ethos. He can trust that I’ll be professional in the studio, have a band ready to perform in the studio, knows we haven the songs, and he knows us
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When I gave him our cassette, I included pictures, reviews, and a bio which gave him immediate data on the band and gave him a good visual. Another way I used logos was during one of the negotiations when we talked about the deal. Since he’s giving us time in this amazing studio and spending his time, so I proposed a variety of ways on how he could be compensated. I’m using logos during that discussion, but switched it up and went pathos by tugging on his emotions from the Rat Bat Blue incident by talking about contracts and making a

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