Ahtanum Ridge Clinic Case Study

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For my experiential learning experiences I had the pleasure of visiting both the Ahtanum Ridge Clinic and the Yakima Valley Regional Hospital medical records. Before visiting these facilities I constructed questions beforehand to ensure I would not only have a valuable experience, but be able to compare facilities as well. These questions were; 1. What is something about the system you deal with that you know but not many other people you come in contact with know? 2. How has the change between HMA and CHS effected your job and your ability to perform your job? 3. What do you like most about your job? 4. If you could change one thing about your job what would you change? 5. How does medical billing affect your job and what do you like and …show more content…
Besides this, she felt that the company didn’t care about the people it serves because they never receive any visitors from CHS to see how their clinic is doing and what its needs are. She noted that CHS decided to not pay for coffee and the coffee cups that HMA had always paid for. As a result, the doctor actually purchased them himself for his employees. Although they appreciate that he would do such a thing, they do not feel he should be the one paying for these supplies. Considering what she likes most about her job, she loves the human interaction. Being able to connect with patients and care about them and their problems is her favorite part of the job. If she could change one thing about her job, she would change the communication between the clinic and CHS. Talking about medical billing, the conversation went on many tangents. Interestingly enough, they still do their billing and notes on paper as opposed to electronically. They have multiple doctors at the clinic, but only two use scribes to enter in the information electronically. As one of the doctors assistants that does not have a scribe, she sits down at the computer and enters in the information every night so

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