Apollo 11

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  • Moon Theory

    The history of earth is hard to imagine without our moon. The moon has had an impact on the earth in many different ways. For as long as man walked this earth, the moon has affected the tides and even the metals of the earth. The phases of the moon are still used to help guide the harvest, and even help determine the time of the river floods. The moon is a place that we know little about and very few people are lucky enough to get to experience it in person. Some interesting facts that we know…

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  • Moon Landing Conspiracy Essay

    As our government was the first to put a man on the moon and return him to earth many do believe the conspiracy that the moon landing was fake and that the government since has been trying to disprove that conspiracy but there are many reasons to believe that; because it says at first America wanted to be the first to put a man in space but they got beat by the Russians, and since then, since they wanted to the greatest space achievement, their new mission was to put a man on the moon and so,…

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  • 7 Magnificent Engineering Achievements

    Seven Most Magnificent Engineering Achievements in The World Throughout history mankind has accomplished a great amount of things. Some more important than others, yet every accomplishment is amazing to the person who took part in the accomplishment. One might find it difficult to put together a list of their top seven most magnificent engineering achievements due to the fact that their cannot be one defined list. One accomplishment may mean more to one person than it does to another. Using…

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  • Time And Distance Overcome Short Story

    The story “Time and Distance Overcome,” by Eula Biss Is about the invention of the telephone. It was like the first man landing on the moon, no one thought it could ever be done. It was amazing how the United States of America could be connected by long wires. When a positive thing appears something negative comes along with it. Black people were hung on these poles for real, or rumored crimes. For example, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a black man charged with kicking a white girl was hung on a…

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  • Summary Of Spacex Vs Blue Origin

    In “SpaceX VS. Blue Origin” the author, Austin Carr, is writing about the rivalries between the businesses of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and the aerospace firm Blue Origin. Carr discusses their contributions to spaceflight, competition between the companies to recruit best engineers and to make history, and the construction of reusable rockets. Carr concludes his article by telling his readers who he thinks is winning the modern space race. Carr does an excellent job writing about…

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  • Speech On 9/11 Conspiracy

    real? Was 9/11 planned by the government? What’s the mandela effect? How does it happen? These are all questions you might ask yourself, but what do they all have in common? Good morning/afternoon Ms. Bozzelli and fellow classmates today I will be talking to you about conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are theories that are made by people with evidence backing it up. A lot of conspiracy theories are about the U.S. government hiding things from us. I will be talking to you about 9/11, Area…

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  • Bottle Rocket Project Essay

    The goal of this project was to build a rocket with three fins, that can launch 100 M into the air and fall down to the earth without the egg breaking. It had to be done by November 2. Some constraints that we had to follow that limited our design was that we could only use recyclable materials, and we couldn’t use heavy materials such as metal or wood. We also didn’t have any instructions to follow, every idea came from our brains or the internet. My group decided on a design based on the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Going To Mars

    Going to Mars is a bad idea Should the U.S. invest in a manned mission to Mars? No we should not. There are many reason why we shouldn't go to Mars. First is brain damage. The second reason is bundle of cost. Also their many more reason why. I do not think we should make a manned mission to Mars. One reason is that we humans can get a disease which can give us brain damage. Before I tell you more reason why going to the planet called Mars is a bad idea, it can also be a good idea to. People…

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  • A Personal Statement Of Purpose Essay

    Statement of purpose -Nishita Vegi Ever since the fire, flight has been the most intriguing thing that evaded the grasp of man for decades at once. Soaring like a bald eagle on a bright summer’s day seemed to be the stuff dreams were made of, until a few decades back. Now, all of mankind dreams about living on stars. When you say flight, I think of birds. When you say birds, I think of their wings. When you say wings, I think of an aircraft. When you say aircraft, I think of the birds flying.…

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  • Feminist Art In The 1980's

    The 1980’s was a big time for inventions. One of the big time games invented was Pacman. The Macintosh computer and the Air Jordan 1 was some other big time inventions in the 1980’s. At the time art was genuinely popular. Some of the greatest artists were Dash Snow, Aleah Chapin, and Richard T. Scott. On April 24,1980, the U.S. Government underwent a secret rescue to save hostages in Tehran. The U.S, however the Government failed to rescue the hostages. The hostages did not get released until…

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