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  • Sputnik's Technological Advancements During The Cold War

    During the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union had many technological advancements. The most notable of all was the creation of the first Earth satellite. The satellite named Sputnik I was launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957 and orbited the Earth for three months. At this moment the Soviet Union had officially started the Space Race and was currently in the lead. During this time the US citizens reacted differently. “From the 1950's, the United States and the Soviet Union attempted to surpass each other in feats of space exploration. What became known as "the space race" began with the Soviet's successful launch of the first ever artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957. Sputnik (the full name of which - Sputnik…

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  • Sputnik

    October 4th, is a special date in the world and society’s history. The reason this date’s special is because on this day, in 1537 the first translated English bible was released by Myles Coverdale (Jeffcoat, 2013). This sparked a revolution in Catholicism, people were able to read the bible and interpret the story of God for themselves. Exactly 420 years later in 1957 another transcending event for society occurred. The Soviet Union launched a small sphere of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy…

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  • Sputnik Alteration In History

    worrying issue was the growth of mass destruction weapons. The history changed in the late 1950s, when the former Soviet Union launches Sputnik in space. Sputnik was the World’s first artificial satellite. The American political and cultural appalled that…

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  • Radar In The 1950's

    In the 1950s, technology was slowly evolving and as it evolved so did the methods used in war and how Americans viewed the government and entertainment. Radar was one of the first advances to contribute to the war, then the development of the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer that helped develop the fusion bomb. Next, the first satellite was sent to revolve around the Earth, but it was from the Soviet Union, which resulted in Americans drive to develop Explorer 1. It ultimately…

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  • The Failure Of Hitler's V-II Rocket

    defeat, Korolev’s satellite had come through a transformation. He abandoned the heavy-weight Object D, and built a replacement weighted 83 kilograms, which became known as Sputnik 1. On October 4th of the year 1957, the R-7 rocket was launched, flying over 6,000 kilometers and reaching its destination: Siberia. To make sure that Sputnik 1 was in Earth orbit after it was separated from R7, the Soviet Union needed it to transfer a signal from space. Despite the signal was only a simple singular…

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  • How Did Jfk Use Sputnik

    The world dramatically changed in 1957 when the USSR launched Sputnik 1 on October 4. To the American people it meant that now they could drop nuclear warheads on anyone at any given time. Maybe the most important part of the launch of Sputnik was that it showed the United States how behind they were. After this, Sputnik 2 is launched containing a dog in it to see if a living organism can survive in space. Two months later the United States finally makes it a competition. They send Explorer…

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  • The Human Race: The Space Race

    The space race was a competition between the Soviet Union and the United States of America to see who could go to the moon first. The need for space exploration came out of the cold war between the Soviet Union and The United States of America. The cold war started after world war two around the late 1950’s, it was mainly about the capitalist world against the communist world of Russia (The Space Race). The space race brought great technological advances in the world between the Soviet Union…

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  • How Did The First Space Race Impact America

    undying support for the military use of the space program focusing on satellites for weather forecasting, communication and surveillance. He focused on developing military space systems to improve the United States intelligence rather than just outright racing the Soviet Union with space stunts. This gave face to the world that there was just more than fancy spacecraft that could change the Space Race. Then with President Kennedy again, he gave a huge pledge in 1961 to land a man on the moon by…

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  • The Civil Rights Movement: The Space Race

    streets through peaceful protest. Despite this domestic struggle for justice, the United States faced a foreign enemy: the Soviet Union. The Cold War was brewing throughout the decade, but America found comfort in their superior mentality. That is, until the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into space. Weighing less than 200 pounds, this satellite sparked a new element of the Cold War gain international attention: the Space Race (History). The Space Race is the…

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  • CBM Observation Report

    assessment. This assessment will show “Children who are able to subtract with ease and efficiency know the parts of number and see the relationship between composition and decomposition of numbers and addition and subtraction.” Kathy Richardson, Assessing Math Concepts: Hiding Assessment. Didax Publishing, page 26. The probe will first be probing for the student’s ability to see part-whole number relationships. For each of the students I started off with the number 6 because it was a number in…

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