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  • A Case Study Of Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD), was discovered as senile form of dementia in early 1907 by Alois Alzheimer in 1907. Since then the disease has been researched and studied to generate a knowledge base of symptoms, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and management of the disease. AD is differentiated from senile dementia due to the neurodegenerative process which involves deposits of protein known as amyloid in neurons and neurofibrillary tangles which form plaques. This formation of plaques leads to…

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  • Eyewitness Misidentification Essay

    Abstract Eyewitness misidentification is one of the leading causes of wrongful conviction. The correlation between confidence and memory, effects of stress on memory, and the accuracy of identification have been proven to be false. Research studies indicate that misinterpretation can occur in one of three stages of the memory process acquisition, retention, and retrieval which are not exempt to that of an eyewitness. This paper will speak on the validity of eyewitness testimonies in the…

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  • Alzheimer's Dementi A Case Study

    changes occur in the body. Some of these changes affect our mental status. When changes start to occur that can cause impaired cognition, this can result in a disease characterized as dementia. Some of the mental changes that can occur with Alzheimer’s dementia are decreased short and long term memory, confusion, impaired judgment, problems with arithmetic, and problem solving. These characteristics can affect how people communicate, make decisions, and care for themselves (Eliopoulos,…

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  • A Psychological Analysis Of Alzheimer's Disease

    Alzheimer’s disease is a psychological disorder that is near and dear to my heart. I worked in an Alzheimer’s and dementia facility for almost a year and a half. While working there I grew very close to a lot of the residents that I cared for. One specifically stood out to me. Even though Alzheimer’s had taken so much from her, she was still so loving and pure. This resident was always walking around holding a baby; it was one of the very few words she could still say. The few words she could…

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  • Caregiver Influence On Family Culture

    The large elderly population is not only having a significant effect on the health care system, but also on those individuals caring for them in the community. The research authors have been studying the various factors that influence the experiences of family caregivers within the context of senior health care. Several themes arose from these articles that are presented in a synthesis matrix. These themes allow us to identify areas for improvement and guide us in creating suitable practice…

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  • Alzheimer's Case Study Answers

    This disease is interesting because it has many risk factors, not just genetically passed down through generations. The risk factors are based mostly around lifestyle choices, making it seem that there are ways that one can prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. 2. Respite Care (p.125): This concept is crucial for the family and caregivers of those helping Alzheimer or dementia patients. It is important because it allows those in care positions to get deserved breaks and prevent or yield the…

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  • Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 14 P1

    researchers are unsure what causes Alzheimer’s disease, however there are factors that can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. These include; a person’s age, the family’s history of the condition, any previous head injuries and the individual’s lifestyle factors (smoking, drinking etc.). Alzheimer’s disease as mentioned previously is what’s called a progressive condition meaning the symptoms will increase over time. The first and most common sign of Alzheimer’s disease is…

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  • Alzheimer's Disease: A Silent Killer

    Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most deadly diseases and could be classified as one of the silent killers in life. It could be considered a silent killer because most people that have the disease are not diagnosed with it until it is way too late. Since this is such a complex disease there is no cure only medicine to slow down the spreading. The best way to slow down the disease is to be checked regularly. The worst thing is to have it and have no idea that you are living with a disease that…

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  • Alzheimer's Case Studies

    This paper will focus on the importance of early detection in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and how a patient’s quality of life is impacted by the challenges of this illness in those patients sixty (60) years of age and older. The human society is aging. This is happening in two (2) ways: through shifts in the age structure that will eventually lead to many more individuals reaching older ages than ever before, and through continued success in extending life. Less than one hundred…

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  • Case Study Alzheimer's Disease

    yr. old man who is a resident in an extended facility named Greg Jones. He was diagnosed for Dementia-Alzheimer’s disease. He smoked 2 packed of cigarettes for the last 30 years and was currently diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. His daughter who visits him every Friday, expressed her concern that her father’s dementia is getting worse. Mr. Jones has two chronic diseases, first is the Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia which is a complex and devastating problem that is a…

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