Case Study Of Alzheimer's Disease

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A look at Alzheimer’s disease One of the things that terrify people the most about aging is no remembering your loved ones or forgetting the great adventures you had in your youth. Unfortunately there are many cases of people who establish a disease called Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is taking the lives of many people and directly affecting their families. People who have never heard of Alzheimer’s have many questions, they want to know what Alzheimer’s is , what causes it, what are the biological factors that are involved in this disease and of course are there any cures! However finding all these answers can be difficult but they can get a glimpse of what Alzheimer’s does and how they can help themselves to prevent this …show more content…
Alzheimer’s disease was discovered in 1906 by Dr. Alois Alzheimer’s. Dr. Alois Alzheimer’s presented the brain autopsy results of Auguste deter, a 55 year old woman who had clear signs of dementia (Tanzi, 2012). Not only did he study Mrs. Deters brain but many other women who had died of unusual mental problems, ranging from language speaking difficulty, unpredictable and weird behavior and of course memory loss. After years of examining he concluded that there were an abnormal shrinkage and deposits around the nerve …show more content…
First of all consider that Alzheimer’s disease affects every individual differently For the most part people with early signs of Alzheimer’s have difficulty remembering new information. Because the neurons that control memory die first while other parts of the brain start malfunctioning as a devastating domino effect. Confusion of location and time are common symptoms. There are also people who experience misinterpretation of spatial reasoning, and have difficulty seeing and understanding their surroundings. People also lose their thinking and reasoning skills, as they find it difficult to identify objects or speak correct words, over time reading and writing declines. Changes in personality and behavior occur in people with Alzheimer’s they experience depression, mood swings, distrust in others while progressively being

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