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  • The Fisher Family: Plot Summary

    The Fisher family moved from Houston to Tangerine county, which is located in Florida. On his first day of school, he finds out about the soccer tryouts. However, later on he was turned down because of his IEP his mom turned in. Due to Florida having sinkholes and lightning bolts, the upcoming events lead to Paul having another chance to play soccer again without an IEP in his way, which transitions the story to part two. I claim that the setting of the novel drives the plot. First of the…

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  • Thermal Ultrasound Case Study

    An athlete of the women’s soccer team came into the athletic training room the day after weekend road trip complaining about pain in her leg. She said she started feelings this pain during warm up of one of the games they played during the weekend and that it slowly got better as the game went on. Although she did say that the pain returns after she cooled down after the game and was still present the next day. She said it felt very similar to “shin splints” which she had had once before. After…

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  • Personal Statement: My Motivation To Study Soccer

    Personal Statement When I was 4 years of age, I would hate soccer with all my passion. My father will watch soccer ever weekends and I was always mad for the reason that he would watch soccer. My church made a soccer team for a soccer tournament for the church. My parents sign me up for the soccer tournament, I was absolutely mad considering I actually hated soccer. Therefore, when I started attending the practice, I felt with more excitement and with more motivation about this sport. After the…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Middle School Sports Persuasive Essay

    Have you ever been in the situation where you just entered middle school but there is no soccer team? Even though you really want to play soccer there is just no way you can, homework takes too much time and there will be no time left for soccer. That is the average life of a middle school soccer player. A topic that is often debated is whether middle schools should have a soccer team. Some people say that middle schools already have so many sports and have to spend so much money on them that…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cougars

    The Ladies Cougars VS Springfield Tech The ladies Cougars have been crowned New England Champions for four consecutive seasons and in eight of the last ten seasons advancing to the national elite eight six times over those years. The ladies’ cougars going head to head with Springfield Tech at William R O’Connell memorial field starting at 4 P.M. and here have the Cougars coach Robert Galazka and Springfield Tech coach Randy pito let's see if the cougars will stay undefeated…

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  • Newton's Laws Of Motion: The Physics Of Soccer

    We have learnt that in Soccer there are many forces at play. Weight and mass are key concepts. A ball that weighs more is harder to kick and a player that weighs more can kick harder. However a heavier player cannot run as long as a lighter player. And while a taller player can run further with the same number of strides, a shorter player may have better control over the ball because of his lower center of gravity. We have learnt that friction prevents a soccer ball from going forward forever…

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  • Do Women Get Paid Too Much Pay

    Pay and Women’s Soccer: The Huge Difference Did you know that the US women’s soccer team has won four Olympic Gold medals and three World Cup championships in this decade and are consistently being paid less than the men, who have never won any major title? The fact is when it comes to soccer is that the US women national team are much better than their male counterparts and are still made to feel that they are less superior. How would you feel if you were the best at something at the highest…

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  • Stoughton High School: A Short Story

    I wake up at 6 in the morning, walk by my kitchen refusing to eat breakfast at 6:10, and pack my duffle bag by 6:35. After brushing my teeth at 6:50, I leave for school at 7 with my brother and my father. Classes begin at 7:35am and end at 2:12pm. Standing in the locker room changing my clothes and lacing up my shoes by 2:25, I remind myself why I put myself through this ritual every single day. The gym doors open at 2:30, when dozens of student athletes crowd the athletic directors office…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sports Gene By David Epstein

    Ever wonder what gives top athletes that extra edge that makes them the best? Through my passion for soccer I have been drawn to reading countless articles and books on soccer, and athletics in general, in an effort to answer this question. One of my favorite books, The Sports Gene by David Epstein, delves into the mystery of why some people are faster or can run seemingly impossible distances. This has always fascinated me, since there is no definitive answer to why some people are more…

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  • Payon: A Fictional Narrative

    Payton just got done playing a soccer game on a nice day. After the game she stayed back to practice a little more. When she was done practicing alone she started walking home because she did not live far. As she started to walk home, she stopped to tie her shoe. She was about to take out her phone to call her mom when she heard someone yelling for help, but Payton did not know it was a trap. She walked over to see who it was, but out of nowhere a guy came up behind her and put his hand over her…

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