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  • Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

    “Over the last five years, campus safety legislation has been a hot issue across the country”(Weeden Dustin). The safety of college students it has always been a major issue in the world. When the country started doing something about it and came to the conclusion that the solution for this problem was allowing students to carry concealed guns on campus, as it was expected, many people were protesting about how bad was the law, how it would be more damage than good, how it was not a good idea.…

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  • Abadinsky's Theory Of Organized Crime

    resources available for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime would keep Peace Officer’s (police officer’s) and the public safety safer from crimes. Resources such as; equipment (rifle, handguns, patrol vehicle and computers) and training (active shooter, gangs, controlled substance (drugs), CPR, mentally ill and crisis intervention) will help better our changes in fighting and controlling crime. Professor Howard Abadinsky was absolutely correct, the states need to create more…

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  • Should Gun Laws Be Changed Essay

    Guns Laws Must Be Changed The debate on new gun legislation at the federal and national levels is roaring topic in today’s American society. On one side of the argument, “gun lovers” constantly make mention of the second amendment and how the law protects the rights of Americans. On the other side of the argument, Americans expecting gun reforms argue new and clearer laws will be preferable for the future of America. Nevertheless, on both sides the truth of the matter is in the statistical…

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  • Mass Shooting Sociological Analysis

    literature review of two different studies, the first article looks at the misconceptions that associate with mass shootings. The second article is from the FBI crime statistics page online. The article contains statistics that have been collected on active shooters between…

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  • Zero-Tolerance In Public Schools

    Zero-Tolerance Schools have attempted different models to reduce violence in schools and create a safe atmosphere. One such model is the zero-tolerance policy, which began in the 1980s during the war on drugs. This policy morphed during the 1990s to include other student behaviors including threats and violence (Teske, 2011). In fact, all primary and secondary schools in the United States were required to implement zero-tolerance policies to continue receiving federal funding (Mongan & Walker,…

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  • Principal Management Principles

    before school begins could be considered an objective. Focusing on the training provided throughout the year may be considered a goal. The principal is also in charge of having emergency plans in place, for example in the case of a fire, or an active shooter situation. The second main management function the principal must take on is organizing. One form of organizing utilized by our principal was departmentalization. While science, math, English, and history departments were already…

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  • ESRB Rating

    the variables game genre and ESRB ratings have the same importance as the variable console types. Gamers typically have their own opinions about what game genres suit their needs as an individual. Some may find MMORPGS more entertaining than online shooters like Call of Duty. Once the genre is specified, it will be easier for The Umbrella Gaming Company to cater to our consumers tastes, which, in the end, will help the company to promote certain genres each player enjoys more when they log in.…

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  • How Does Facebook Affect Society

    Facebook affects society Facebook is a social networking website that help people communication and share information with each other. Facebook designed by a college student called Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. He went in Harvard University and start his genius social networking website upload in 2006. Now Facebook becomes the largest social media website and there have over 1 billion users in the world. Facebook is easy to join. Anyone over age of 13 with valid email address can create a Facebook…

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  • Why Do Gun Laws Need To Be Changed

    Intro When the word Columbine is stated almost everyone knows what is being referred to without even having to ask. The amount of gun violence that has pledged our country over the past decade is almost astonishing. Events like the Columbine shooting being so horrific that those who were never directly affected still get chills when thinking about that day. Gun control is a pressing topic in the United States today and it is something that is heavily debated on. Gun laws need to be changed…

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  • Essay On Military Attacks

    killed his squadron commander, then killed himself. At this time, it is unclear on the reasons for the incident. But it once again brings up the question, should military personal be allowed to be armed at all times to protect themselves? The active shooter incident on Lackland marks the 10th fatal shooting on a U.S. military installation in the U.S. since 2001. Of the 10, 3 have been confirmed as attacks by extreme Islamic jihadists. Some of those attacks were by military personnel…

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