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  • Gun Control Case Summary

    set in place are to protect its citizens. For New York State, the Safe Act is the newest attempt to help prevent massive shootings. The Safe Act was pushed through legislation by governor Cuomo on January 15th and after that, the Safe Act became an active law (Safe Act). The New York State Safe Act was made after the massive shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Act was made to make New York safe by minimizing gun violence through common sense and reasonable reforms, and the act makes…

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  • Reflective Essay: How Xbox 360 Changed My Life

    new game systems introduced new ways to play games, for example the Wii. With the introduction of the Wii, people were able to interact with their video games in a new way. The Wii was controlled by two controllers and required them to be physically active while they played games. While playing the game people had to stand up and use their arms to control their character. The introduction of the Wii, multiplayer games became more popular through the introduction of Wii sports. Wii sports is a…

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  • Would Gun Control Minimize School Shootings

    Would gun control minimize school shootings? School shootings have been on the rise in the past couple of years. Most people ask themselves would gun control help reduce school shootings. It seems that the gun control topic is only brought up when a school shooting occurs. We shouldn’t think about controlling guns every time a school shooting happens. A school shooting is defined as anybody getting injured or killed by a gun. According to the FBI a mass shooting is one where at least four people…

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  • Controversy: Cell Phones In The Classroom

    Cellphones in the Classroom Cell phones have caused controversy in the class room since they became small enough to conceal in a pocket. At first, cellular devices were outlawed form the classroom altogether, but now are allowed on certain accounts. Some schools have already implemented plans to allow the phones in class and on campus. No matter the measures, the issue almost always seems to flare up more problems than positive outcomes. Although there is problems with having a cell phone in…

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  • Why Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools

    On august 1, 1966 Charles Whitman a military trained architectural student, at the university of texas went to the top of the tower at his campus with a head full of “depression and repressed violence” and an armful of weapons. 15 people died that day at the other side of whitman's gun. Seeing how some can misuse their weapons, even with extensive training, not everyone can be trusted to just carry them around especially reckless young adults. Although it is against the second amendment saying…

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  • Competency 1-02: Strategies In The Classroom

    enhance school climate and support student engagement in learning. For example, research conducted between student and faculty impacts student feelings of connectedness to the school. UNF Crisis Management Team has training sessions and videos (FEMA Active Shooter Training/Shots Fired on Campus Video) which shows UNF’s attention to fostering…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Stereotypes Of Gamers

    entertainment experiences.” (Study shows). Other negative effect of video games are lack of exercising. As kids sit and play video games all they it can cause obesity. Because of many complaints video game company came up with solution to make an active movement games such as just dance. Negative effect do exist and most gamers accept that reality, but with all positive effect overruling the negative it should be taken consideration of letting kids play with video games. Now time for as to what…

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  • Should Gun Control Be Allowed With Legal Concealed Carry Weapons On Their Respective Campuses?

    these changes there must be a change in the current Tennessee code annotated section 39-17-1309 (TCA 39-17-1309). The primary goal for allowing guns on college campuses is that individuals have the means to protect themselves in the case of an active shooter on campus. It has been shown that gun-free zones do not have the intended effect that is wanted and that by having them it is just an invitation for sick people to perform their atrocities and leave innocent victims with no way of…

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  • Mental Health Profiling: Article Analysis

    For years, there have been multiple stories on the news about school shootings. Students and faculty feel that change is necessary to keep all schools safer and to create a better learning environment. But one thing still remains: What can be done to prevent mass shootings and other traumatic events on campus in the future? Although they appear to offer opposing viewpoints, those who disagree about how to make schools safer share common ground regarding enhancing security and how overly…

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  • Essay On The Effects Of Gun Control

    dramatically. However, this isn’t correct, guns help to protect the nation. According to the evidence, “What’s more, when police were interviewed regarding their position on gun control legislation, around 90 percent stated they believed that during an active shooter incident, having well-trained, armed citizens present would decrease the casualties. More than 28 percent agreed that more permissive carry concealed policies would be beneficial to the public, especially when it comes to…

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