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  • Reflective And Objective Analysis

    Introduction Definitions of intelligence vary among scholars, theorists, and laypersons, due to its multidimensionality. However, intelligence typically involves an individual’s ability to learn from experience and adapt to the environment in which they live. I believe that the construct of intelligence should encompass an individual’s ability to effectively communicate in both written and verbal form, to think logically, and to express creativity. Two intelligence tests in which I recently…

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  • Comparing Aristotle's Loyalty And Act

    Plato did not solve the problem of the ONE and MANY. Aristotle did so brilliantly. He held that the principles of being are POTENCY and ACT. These two states of being answer the problem of Change as well as that of the One and the Many. Potency and Act divide being in such a way that whatever is, is either pure Act (the ultimate Being, or God), or is composed of potency and act as its primary intrinsic principles (all other beings). For example, Wood has the qualities of wood, hard or soft, from…

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  • Kierkegaard's Prophetic Analysis Of The Present Age

    Kierkegaard uses the parable of the jewel, to illustrate the difference in thought in the passionate and reflective ages. In the following essay, I will explore the difference between the two ages to gain a deeper understanding of Kierkegaard’s sentiments behind the example, before explaining the parable and showing how his prophetic analysis is truer than ever. Kierkegaard begins the The Present Age by stating that the present age is “one of understanding and reflection, without passion,…

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  • Analysis Of Frank Stella's Flin Flon VIII

    Abstract Expressionism focusing of the formal elements of art. His efforts eventually shifted to more vibrant and complicated painting like the painting I chose “Flin Flon VIII”. His efforts in American Modernism helped develop Minimalism, Painterly Abstraction and Color Field Painting. Though he would never truly identify as a minimalist he was rewarded for his work in 2009 with the National Medal of Arts by Barrack Obama. Frank Stella continues to work as an artist and sculpture in New York…

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  • The Things They Carried Photograph Analysis

    At this instant, Norman came to terms that he viewed Sally as nothing but an abstraction: his idea of her was just that, an idea. Norman Bowker, and many other soldiers after the war, valued the past because it was the only thing they knew. Everything else in their world had changed, and they were so dazed by the transition that they…

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  • Virginia Woolf Modernism Analysis

    Pablo Picasso’s work Les Demoiselles d'Avignon presents a very innovative form and technique supporting this idea. This work disrupts conventional modes of representation by rejecting realism and embracing abstraction. The abstraction view introduces two perspectives, no boundary between body and curtain, multiple perspectives of standing and reclining, mask like face, and flatten shapes that defy recognition as body or background. This work is non idealized and a nonrealistic…

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  • The Role Of Heroism In The Iliad

    In Cold Stream,1966 I believe Twombly attempts to internalized Mallarme’s boundless confidence to search for his ideal and transforms an empty blackboard into an endless voyage within the sea. The sea, symbolic, becomes a vast expansion of divine chance. Abysmal and ever evolving, the sea is in constant motion whether on the surface or beneath just like the conscious and unconsciousness of our minds. The sea and the mind’s violent turbulence, the clarity of its stillness, ever changing, we…

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  • Gillian Ayres Abstract Analysis

    Abstract art is also known as non objective art or non representational art, painting, sculpture or graphic art in which the portrayal of things from the visible world plays no part. Abstraction was one of the mostsignificant developments in the story of 20th century arts. It consists largely of elements like form, color, line, tone and texture. It has its origin in 19th century. The period characterized by so vast a body of elaborately representational art produced for the sake of illustrating…

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  • Comparing Complex Ideas And John Locke's Simile Of The Line

    size large shirt is larger than the medium size shirt. Another comparison can be the pink dress is similar to the purple dress. Finally, ideas that become generalized are abstractions. An “abstractions are formed when we recognize a certain characteristic that a group of objects has in common” (Palmer, p79). Examples of abstractions are shoes, shirts, pants and accessories, which are all simple ideas. These simple ideas are abstracted in one’s brains as one complex idea, like a clothing…

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  • Rousseauian Impartiality Analysis

    requires us to abstract our closest personal interests. Williams, in my opinion, provides a compelling explanation of this abstraction in terms of the indifference resulting from an impartial standpoint: The moral point of view is specially characterized by its impartiality and its indifference to any particular relations to particular persons, and … moral thought requires abstraction from particular circumstances and particular characteristics of the parties, including the agent, except in so…

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