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  • Zizek Virtual Reality Analysis

    The topic of Zizek’s talk is not the so called notion of “Virtual Reality”, but according to zizek the more important idea today is to understand the opposite, “The Reality of the Virtual”. Here, to proceed we need to make these two ideas distinct, "Virtual Reality" is a reality that contains the effect of actual reality but it’s not authentic. It's a kind of a simulation, a potent one. On the other hand the reality of the virtual is by which the actual effects of causes, which are not of the…

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  • Importance Of Imagism In Poetry

    or straight talk as Pound called it, was also one of their main goals. By turning poetry into a spoken art, common speech became their new unit of rhythm. Trivial, commonplace topics were as valid as precious Greek urns or elusive nightingales. Abstraction was to be avoided at all costs” Harmer mentions that, “The exact word does not mean the word which exactly describes the object in itself, it means the exact word which brings the effect of that object before the reader as it presented itself…

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  • O Keeeffe Visual Analysis

    O'Keeffe, similarly to Léger, specialized in her own style, an interpretation of abstraction. Before her rise to fame, O’Keeffe had learned the technique of traditional realist painting but began to learn about new styles of art, specifically abstraction. O’Keeffe wanted her art to be a unique language where she could express her feelings and ideas. She was able to make this possible with her abstract artistic vision…

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  • Informative Essay: A Career As A Computer Engineer

    As you go through life, you will probably come into contact with special individuals. These individuals may seem different from you. They may be put off by large crowds, or seem awkward when answering a question in front of a group. Actually, these people are similar to you in most respects. They enjoy movies, games, talking with other people, that sort of thing. What sets them apart is what they do when they are alone, when no one is there to watch them. I’m talking about, of course, computer…

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  • Summary: Neoliberalization Of Water In Peru

    but only 35% of the produced water reached to the residents because of distribution systems lacking (Ioris, A. A. R. (2012). Moreover, there was a growing resentment from farmers against the private company because of reduced flows caused by over-abstraction during the irrigation season. This provides the evidence of shortcomings of market-based solutions without effective environmental regulation. Technical solutions have failed to prevent degradation of surface and ground water reserves and…

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  • An Analysis Of Ajay Choudhary's Paintings

    Folio: ART INSIGHT: ABSOLUTE ABSTRACTION Heading: Creator of Mesmerizing Abstracts Intro: A gifted abstractionist, Ajay Choudhary, an IPS officer, wears many badges of honour; he has showcased his creations in the top art galleries in the world and has won many accolades from art aficionados. Being a self-taught artist, he has given wings to his childhood passion of painting, surprising all with his delft strokes on the canvas. His source d 'inspiration for his paintings is based on experiences…

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  • Immanuel Kant's Critique Of Pure Reason

    Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason played a significant role in the world of philosophy. Some people would argue that Kant was a philosophical genius, but others would argue that he failed to lay a proper foundation of philosophy. Several German philosophers responded to his work and some even devoted their writings strictly to offering a response to the Critique. Even though these philosophers agreed on a few things regarding philosophy, they did not agree on everything. Johann Gottlieb…

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  • Syntax And Syntax Of Mathematics

    In this paper, the author has explained how mathematics can be taught to software engineering students. It is important for software engineering student to know mathematical foundation and techniques to solve problems. Mainly the foundation contained logic and discrete mathematics and techniques that author explained are specification and reasoning. The specification is a process in which informally given concepts are transformed into mathematical model and theory. The reasoning is the process…

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  • For The Anniversary Of My Death Poem Analysis

    “For the Anniversary of My Death” and “The Nail” are considered as the main turning point in W.S Merwin’s use of stylistic approach to poetry. In almost all of his poems, he virtually uses no punctuation of any kind as his choices of words are simpler. Still present in these poems are the poet’s fascination with death, the spiritual, ruination, and the natural. These poems capture the facets of Merwin’s 1960s style and the use of imagery. They are also presented in stanzas, which are irregular,…

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  • Paradoxe Wiesel's 'The Eternal Night'

    destination. Naturally it is that the scene changes as a feeble beam (lines 9-14) infiltrates into the blind mask of darkness. The intolerant darkness pales and begins to withdraw. Only a few remnants of darkness stain the bright Light. Lest too much of abstraction should overwhelm the…

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