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  • Stereotypes Against Women

    Women had always been seen as the weaker gender, but in the recent years women have changed. They became stronger and more independent. In the article “Stereotypes against women”, by Olukayode Afolabi, “Stereotypes are organized sets of beliefs about traits and behaviors, thought to distinguish one from group from another”( 5698). Stereotypes are beliefs that people are moving from generation to generation and the family decides what beliefs to move the next generation. In our world stereotypes…

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  • Gender Roles In Mad Men

    the Coca-Cola commercial, she climbs on top of Don, trying to initiate the sex act, but the scene is a bit awkward due to the fact that the entire time, Betty is talking as a little girl. In the article “Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes” by Aaron Devor, he states “Speech characterized by sounds of higher frequencies are often interpreted by listeners as feminine, childlike, and ineffectual” (507). Childlike sounds are a stereotypical sign of femininity, and Sally and Betty both fit the…

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