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  • Thomas Jefferson: A Political Compromiser?

    The election of 1800 was a bitter one: there was constant slandering from both the federalist and the democratic-republican sides, but ultimately Jefferson won. In Thomas Jefferson: Political Compromiser, Morton Borden analyzes Jefferson’s presidency and ideals to question how he achieved so much success: did Jefferson simply adapt to gain support? During his presidency, Jefferson often stuck to his party roots. However, Jefferson also enacted very impartial, federalist policies that underscored…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Summary

    leading up to his voyage to New York in search of education. Aaron Burr, Sir - As he is attending college, Alexander hears about a man named Aaron Burr, a scholar known for graduating early among his class. Alexander learns about Aaron Burr’s success and seeks an accelerated course of study, so he can graduate within 2 years rather than 4 and join the revolution. In 1776, after graduating from King’s College, Alexander seeks out and meets Aaron Burr. He asks Burr how he managed to leave so soon…

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  • A Magnificent Catastrophe Summary

    The book A Magnificent Catastrophe by Edward J. Larson is about the election of 1800. This is the United States of America's most extraordinary and influential election that they have ever held due to all that it meant to the country. This election was the first election that had their own presidential campaigns no matter how chaotic and twisted the electoral process may have been. This election was so important that Larson called it “The Second American Revolution”(Larson 22). Larson called the…

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  • Hank Aaron: A Great Baseball Player

    Hank Aaron By: Landon Hale 3/6 /17 “I never wanted them to forget Babe Ruth. I just wanted them to remember Hank Aaron,” Hank announced as he received his Hall of Fame award. Leading the Milwaukee Braves to their first World Series Championship in 1957 Hank Aaron was their leading hitter with a .322 batting average. Hank Aaron did not want to replace all the great baseball players like Babe Ruth and Moses Fleetwood Walker also known as Jackie Robinson. He just wanted…

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  • Appalachian Spring Film Analysis

    time, the discomforts of they might face. Likewise, the set can be related to America’s economic and cultural state after the war ends. Appalachian Spring, as it is known for its jubilance in dance, is equally known for its jubilance in musicality. Aaron Copland, is a unique influence on Appalachian Spring in that he composed one of the greatest American scores from the viewpoint of a jewish immigrant. Copland’s score, although composed before the choreography was set, went hand in hand with the…

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  • In The Name Of The Father Furstenberg Analysis

    In Francois Furstenberg’s book, In the Name of the Father, he describes how popular memory of a President came to exist in nineteenth-century America. But how does his account of the past hold up in America today? This depiction of popular memory can be seen in the musical, Hamilton. This paper argues that the arguments made by Furstenberg about nationalism and political consent, unlike slavery, can be seen as pertinent to understanding Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. First, the arguments…

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  • An Analysis Of Aaron H. Devor's Essay Becoming Members Of Society

    their biological sex. Traits or behaviors typical to one gender are deemed socially unacceptable. Aaron H. Devor–previously Holly Devor, before his gender reassignment in 2002– professor of sociology and former Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, illustrates this in his essay, “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender.” In his essay, Devor explains how characteristics such as behavior or physical appearance (apart from one’s…

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  • Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt Analysis

    characterizes themselves. There are many differences in gender that are influencing the attitudes and behaviors of men and women, these differences typically result from our society. Two articles that explain these differences and show how they are created is Aaron Devor’s, “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the social meaning of Gender” in which he explains how differences in Gender result from language, upbringing, and attitudes and behavior that were taught in early childhood, and Jean…

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  • 'Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code'

    Devor, professor of sociology and Sean of Graduate studies at the University of Victoria in British Colombia, shows that “society demands different gender performances from us” and that conditioned to conform to the norms in society (387). “Many aspects of masculinity and femininity are a result of status inequalities” (391). Devor explains that many of the reasons why masculinity is defined by dominance and aggression…

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  • Michael Kimmel's Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code

    The men and women of America constantly reference and utilize sexist stereotypes of modern day society. We cannot completely blame our current day society for this abundance of sexism. Many of these ridiculous notions are passed down generationally or simply learned from watching our parents or elders in the community. Children began to pick up on these gender identities set up by society at a young age. Feminine and masculine attributes are generally viewed as opposites. The majority of males…

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