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  • Income Disparity In America

    The overwhelming income disparity in the United States has alienated millions of Americans, including women who are now struggling to maintain their families afloat, especially women of color, who are at a greater disadvantage economically. These negative effects will continue to destroy the economy and the future of society if not corrected. The male ordinated culture in America has allowed the pay gap for women of all ages, races, educational backgrounds, and professions have created an…

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  • Masculinity And Feminity In Dracula By Bram Stoker

    Gender roles play a huge part in society’s life because they help regulate behaviors and attitude that are socially acceptable. Aaron Devor, a dean at the University of Victoria and author of the article “Gender Roles Behaviors and Attitudes,” argues that men and women have clear rules and guideline in society on the way they should act. Traditionally, masculinity defined as being aggressive and domineering, while feminity defined as nurturing and passive. Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was set in…

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  • Devor Gender Roles

    Barbie doll. In Aaron Devor’s article Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes, it is clearly stated as to what the expectations are in order to achieve the female, and male roles. Gender roles are mainly what this article is about. Here the masculinity and femininity come into play. In order to be masculine one must look tall, have broad shoulders, and take up space; this shows that they are dominant and in control which shows confidence, assertiveness, and strength. On page 676, Devor writes,…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Snow White

    stay stereotypical always get rewards and live happily ever after. Under the influence of such a reward system for characters who follow the gender schema, children tend to view them as role models to measure and monitor their own behavior. As Aaron Devor notes, “Children’s developing concepts of themselves as individuals are necessarily bound up in their need to understand the expectation of the society of which they are a part.” Afraid of being excluded from their social groups, they follow…

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  • American Women's Wartime Dress Analysis

    Have your parents told you that they have high expectation on your life because you are a boy? Do they hope you can marry with a good husband who loves you if you are a girl? Before we are born, genes help people to select the gender and people cannot have a chance to decide our sex. Also, people decide to separate the roles between man and women. Roles can help people to find the right positions that people can work with their own abilities. For example, the male police officers can protect…

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  • Essay On Masculinity In The Pursuit Of Happyness

    In the text “Becoming Members of Society”, Aaron Devor argues that “masculinity usually characterized by dominance and aggression,” but his opinion is incorrect in Gardner’s situation. Instead of showing aggression, Gardner gently behaved with his son and carefully took care of the son although he had…

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  • Masculinity In Modern Family

    A relationship where gender roles are much less frequent throughout the series is between Phil and Claire. Aaron Devor claims that “masculinity as generally concerned with egoistic dominance and femininity as striving for cooperation or communication.” (Devor 505). However it is seen throughout the entire series that overall Claire is more of a dominant strong character while Phil aims for cooperation and equality. This is especially seen in season two, episode 11, where Claire tries to stop a…

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  • Mad Men Gender Analysis

    occurring at the moment. Pete attacked Peggy in a disrespectful manner while sitting down quietly, and still having the audacity to ridicule Peggy after Pete had an affair with Peggy. In the article “Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes”, author Aaron Devor states “A more evenhanded description of the social qualities subsumed by femininity and masculinity might be to label masculinity as generally concerned with egotistic dominance and femininity as striving for cooperation or communion” (505).…

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  • Fredrick Douglass

    Quiz2 Question#1 Prewriting: Listing: What the “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” taking is talking about? What does Fredrick Douglass do to attract the reader’s attention. What the rhetorical triangles are, check the definition again. What is the personal experience that Fredrick Douglass use. What the theme of this article. What is the background of this article. What does Fredrick Douglass feel bad about the US government. What is his purpose for writing this article. Answer:…

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  • Stereotypes Against Women

    Women had always been seen as the weaker gender, but in the recent years women have changed. They became stronger and more independent. In the article “Stereotypes against women”, by Olukayode Afolabi, “Stereotypes are organized sets of beliefs about traits and behaviors, thought to distinguish one from group from another”( 5698). Stereotypes are beliefs that people are moving from generation to generation and the family decides what beliefs to move the next generation. In our world stereotypes…

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