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  • Analysis Of Thomas Jefferson: The Pen Of Revolution

    Thomas Jefferson-The Pen of the Revolution Thomas Jefferson was a natural born leader. He lived in a time of much uncertainty and despite this, or maybe because of it, he is known as one of the most brilliant men in our nation’s history. He authored the Declaration of Independence and was our country’s third president. He made decisions that furthered the development of our country and was revered as one of the greatest minds of his time. Thomas Jefferson served as a member of the Virginia…

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  • Analysis Of The Silence By Joseph J. Ellis

    between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It is more than apparent that Ellis wrote this novel to provide great insight as to what really occurred on some of the most monumental days of American History. On a July morning of 1804, renowned politicians Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton met near the modern-day…

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  • Similarities Between 2016 And The Election Of 1800

    The presidential election of 2016 and the presidential election of 1800 were two of the most divisive and partisan elections in the history of the United States, and many of the lessons learned from the election of 1800 have carried on through the years and become relevant to this election two hundred and sixteen years later. While the election of 2016 is widely regarded as unusual, the election of 1800 was also unusual in its time for some very similar reasons, and Edward J. Larson’s book, A…

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  • The Founding Brothers Summary

    describe the factors behind three of these events: the Burr-Hamilton duel, Madison’s outright abhorrence towards assumption, and Washington’s retirement. The interview at Weehawken. Early on the morning of July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met as they had previously arranged and exchanged pistol shots. Who fired first was and still is not clear, but Hamilton was mortally wounded by the encounter. Why did these men have such a strong dispute that made them to take up such…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of Aaron Sorkin Commencement Speech

    Aaron Sorkin's Commencement speech Aaron Sorkin a Syracuse graduate, gave a very inspiring commencement speech for the graduates and the families of the graduates at Syracuse University on May 13th 2012. In the speech, the main topic was overcoming failures everywhere in life. He talks about his struggles when he was a student at Syracuse and all the battles he fought then. Earlier in his life he battled a drug addiction with cocaine: Sorkin said in his speech he didn't think he could write…

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  • Aaron Burr's Political Career

    Aaron Burr was a vital person in the history of our nation. He had a brilliant mind and was very important in the Revolutionary War as well as an interesting career in law and politics. Burr was one of the most infamous politicians in United States history that had a huge impact on our nation, but also made major mistakes that ultimately ended his political career. Aaron Burr’s life had a rough beginning when he was a child. He was born in a place called Newark, New Jersey. “His mother,…

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  • The Farnsworth Invention

    can dramatically alter the interoperation when reading a play. This gives the author a lot of power to tell a great story and have control over its interpretation. One of my favorite examples of a well written play is “The Farnsworth Invention” by Aaron Sorkin. This play is a fiction interpretation of the battle of inventing television. You have boy genius Philo Farnsworth competing against business mogul David Sarnoff. The story is a race to determine who really invented television. By straying…

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  • What Is Hamilton's Aspirations In Modern American Culture

    starting their journey off of their knowledge and shaping their character through experiences. The mentality of the young people is to let them encounter situations to learn on their own. Hamilton exemplifies this behavior because in the Musical Hamilton Aaron Burr says to Hamilton “And while we're talking let me offer you some free advice, talk less”. Essentially, it is known that the millennial generation does not listen. While this is want most people perceive but it doesn’t matter their…

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  • Summary: An Analysis Of Thomas Jefferson's Dilemmas

    Jefferson’s Dilemma The United States history thus so far, is full of many bargains but one of the most controversial and beneficial bargains is the Louisiana Purchase. This bargain occurred back in the 1800s of which the President Thomas Jefferson was able to undertake the deal of the century. This bargain initiated when Jefferson wanted to purchase New Orleans because France was enforcing stricter regulations therefore, making it difficult for American settlers to trade in that particular…

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  • Differences Between Baseball And Football

    The difference between baseball and football, that is a great question, first, they are not even spelled the same. The only thing I can see that is similar is that they both have the word “ball” in the spelling. Baseball seems to make sense by the spelling; it is a game with the involvement of bases. Football, by the spelling seems to be a game that involves your feet, which we all know is not the case, but seems ironic because most games are won by a field goal. A field goal is when the team…

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