Alexander Hamilton: One Of The Founding Fathers

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Alexander Hamilton was a very important man. He was one of the founding fathers of our nation. Alexander was born in Charleston, Saint Kitts on January 11, 1755. His parents were Rachel Fawcett Lavien, and James Hamilton. His mother was abused by her first husband. She had than ran away and moved in with James Hamilton. They then had another son named James, which was Alexander’s older brother. James Hamilton had left his family a few years after Alexander was born. This left Rachel all by herself with two kids. Alexander had gotten his first job at the age of 11. He had then became an accounting clerk. When his boss named, Nicholas Cruger noticed his talent at accounting, he and other business men got together with a minister and newspaper writer. The newspaper writer was very impressed with his writing skills. Alexander was then sent to America for …show more content…
He had written his first political article in 1774. Alexander had decided to leave King’s College and learn more about politics. He did this by siding with the Patriot’s in their protest against the British’s taxes. Alexander Hamilton was Christian. He also had did not agree with slavery. While he was younger he was involved in the slave trade. This is when he grew the great hatred for it. He wanted black to be able to join the Continental Army, but many disapproved of this. He also worked very hard to make slavery illegal in New York, and wanted to protect blacks from being taken into slavery.
Hamilton had fought in many wars. In 1775, he had joined the New York Provincial Artillery Company and fought in the battles at Long Island, White Plains, and Trenton. He had also fought for many years in the battles of Brandywine Creek, Princeton, and Germantown. While he was fighting for American independence, he was made George Washington’s assistant and trusted advisor. During the next five years, he wrote all of George Washington’s

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