Alexander Hamilton And The Federalist Party Essay examples

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“Alexander Hamilton, a political tyrant of the 1790s, gave Thomas Jefferson no other recourse but to form his own political party to oppose the Federalist Party’s repressive policies.” This historian’s interpretation of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party is biased and not factual. Hamilton was not a political “tyrant.” However, he was a strong-willed and obstinate individual. In addition, the Federalist Party did not have “repressive” policies. Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party played a key role in constructing the United States of America by promoting industrialization, foreign relationships, and creating a government for the well being of the nation. Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant man. He was one of the seven Founding Fathers who contributed many different elements in shaping the United States. He served in the Revolutionary War, where he and George Washington developed their friendship. He was also one of the many men who helped to ratify the Constitution. He then served as the first Secretary of Treasury in the United States under George Washington’s administration, where he founded the first political party, in 1791. The Federalist Party wanted to see the United States grow and prosper into a rising nation that was sufficient and stable. The Federalist supporters consisted mainly of members of the wealthy class from the Mid Atlantic and New England regions, such as bankers, merchants, and businessmen. Hamilton believed that the wealthy class…

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