Differences Between Jefferson And Hamilton

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Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had to different views on how America should function. In fact Jefferson never planned to work with Hamilton until Washington appointed Jefferson his first secretary of the State and Hamilton the first secretary of the Treasury. Jefferson strongly believed that America can achieve success through its agrarian tradition. Hamilton had an economic plan that involved that promotion of manufactures and commerce. While Hamilton believed in the federal government holding power and order Jefferson was a strong believer in trusting the people as governors. During the election of 1800 Jefferson called the election a revolution, Jefferson played an important role in shaping the way America functions. Alexander Hamilton served …show more content…
Hamilton believed that American manufacturers and businesses would help the nation flourish, also through higher prices and taxes. Jefferson believed that agriculture and trade would help bring the nation’s economy flourish. When it comes down to minorities Hamilton was not a fan because they were mostly farmers. However, Jefferson believes that they deserve equal rights and laws that everyone else has. Jefferson needed the minority vote during his presidential campaign because without them his economic plan for agriculture would be in jeopardy. Hamilton was in favor of keeping a techniques and views that are similar to the political views as Britain. Jefferson wanted to stay away from following Britain and copying Britain’s economic strategy. Military affairs was very important to Hamilton since he believed in having a strong and powerful government that takes pride in their military. However, Jefferson believed in being neutral and straying away from any violence unless there was a dire need. Jefferson’s idea of a trade system that would be centered on France. Hamilton wanted to keep America’s trade opportunities with

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