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Alexander Hamilton, one the founding fathers and the first secretary of the treasury was born in the West Indies and traveled to the colonies as a teenager. His mother Rachel Faucette, died when Alexander was just eleven years old from a fever they both had. As for his father,
James Hamilton left when Alexander was young. After the death of his mother, his hometown worked together to raise funds for him to get the colonies, starting with his former boss, Nicholas Cruger, who was sending him to America for an education. Arriving at the colonies, Hamilton joined King's’ College that today is known as Columbia University, to receive his education, but left before graduation to join the Patriots in their protest of commercial business regulations and British-imposed taxes. Later, he involved himself in the battles of White Plains, Trenton, Long Island, Germantown, Brandywine Creek, and Princeton, and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Continental Army. During his time of service, General George
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Hamilton, Angelica Hamilton although, Philip Hamilton (the first one) died in a duel with George Eacker at the same place that he would die in the next few years. Later though, Hamilton would soon have an affair with Maria Reynolds and the Reynolds pamphlet would soon be released. In 1782, Hamilton left his advisor post to study law where he went against rebels in order to defend the loyalists. In 1784, Hamilton took on the Rutgers vs. Waddington Case which later caused the judicial review system. In 1787, while working as a New York delegate, he met with other delegates to discuss the Articles of Confederation, with the help of John Jay and James Madison, he wrote the Federalist

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