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  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of Traveling To California

    historical sites that we can learn so much from by just being there. It is also a much more stable penetration that we get by going to these places. Besides the academic factor, traveling gives us new insight about ourselves. It gives us a grasp on the world and who we are. We disconnect from and stop thinking about our regular life for that time period. It teaches us to live open-mindedly and gives us a genuine happiness that was not there before. We gain a new perspective on life by seeing…

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  • Planet Of Slums Book Report

    Mike Davis’s book Planet of Slums does a good job at analyzing world urbanization, poverty and describing the conditions in which the poorest people on earth live in, however I disagree with his opinion that the slums are a lost cause. In the book Davis, which is an urban historian, seeks to provide a better understanding of the rapidly increasing urban population, the extreme levels of poverty, and exploitation of the poor around the world. His book had a deep impact in how I define poverty as…

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  • Jonathan Mahler's 'Ladies And Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning'

    the Bronx Is Burning,” discusses the political, economical, and social fall of New York in 1977. The term originated in 1972 after a documentary series episode of the same title was aired. The term became more socially recognized during the 1977 World Series game where the New York Yankees faced the Los Angles Dodgers. Helicopter camera views show video clips of actual fires during the arson breakout caused by the economic fall of the South Bronx during the 1970s. Socially, the Bronx was…

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  • The Importance Of Poverty In America

    support. There is poverty everywhere and not everyone knows what it is like to live in it. Not everybody gets access to health care, a home, a bed, food everyday, or even clothes. Poverty affects everyone and anyone. This is a big struggle all over the world and the rates are constantly increasing. In the articles, “The Rising Prevalence of Severe Poverty in America: A Growing Threat to Public Health,” by Steven H.Woolf, Robert E. Johnson and Jack Geiger, and the article “Escaping Poverty and…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Competence In Speech Pathology

    The United States is changing rapidly and is becoming a more culturally diverse population (Lemmon & Jackson-Bowen, 2013). A census conducted by the US Census Bureau predicted that by the year 2050, the minority population in the United States will expand by at least 44%, increasing the number of individuals that will be from culturally linguistically diverse backgrounds (Lemmon & Jackson-Bowen, 2013). This requires speech-language pathologists to increase their cultural competency to respond to…

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  • Analysis Of Argumentative Essay: The Rights Of Women

    Democracy prides itself on giving people freedom. Before the 1920’s women did not have the option to vote much less any other freedoms given to white men. It’s a great controversy over where the line between women’s rights ends and cultural repression begins. Feminists will argue for and against for many different reasons why a niqab or burqa should or shouldn’t be worn. The niqab and burqa area hindrance to women and their rights in Islamic, male dominated countries like Iran and Afghanistan…

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  • The World Bank: The Global Economy's Impact

    definition and meaning. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2016, from http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/global-economy.html The World Bank: History. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2016, from http://www.worldbank.org/en/about/history The World Bank: What We Do. (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2016, from http://www.worldbank.org/en/about/what-we-do The Global Economy - What is Economics? (n.d.). Retrieved November 10, 2016, from http://www…

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  • Chinese Cultural Differences

    Why Chinese cultures are so different from Germany and western countries? In my opinion, the culture values of a nation are cultivated in a very long period of time concerning the historical reasons. The ancient China had undergone a very long period of agricultural economics, even until now the agriculture industry counts around 15%. So in ancient China, with the self-sufficient economic model and agriculture civilization, people gradually form the conservative minds and stable, not willing to…

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  • Arranged Marriage Society

    There are broadly two main types of marriage systems globally. The first are the "love" marriages that dominate Western nations such as the Europe. and those in United States. The second "arranged" marriages. These are dominant in many parts of Africa and Asia. Marriage derived from Arabic word which means Ikhtilath (mixed) and Dhamm (merge) Marriage named like that because can collect and unite two people. Zawaj word used in al-Quran mean couple in the usage this word mean Allah s.w.t.'s…

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  • Globalization American Culture

    The world in reality is moving at the fastest rate and every person on this globe experiences it in every minute of his or her life. If that happens, the globe or world is interconnected or globalized. This means that the new idea of change that takes place in one part of the world is experienced by the whole world. The globalization actually broadens and deepens the interconnectedness worldwide among countries at the fastest rate in all aspects of life, both good and bad. This in reality is…

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