Scary Experience Essay

  • Scary Experience Essay

    Have you ever had a scary experience? Where it just scare you? Like Every Time you turn around its something? Well I do, I can never just be great it’s always something that’s happening. The worse days ever I would never forget about these days they will always be replayed in my head. These are all my scary experience so just sit back in read. To Begin With I Remember When I was 7 years old and I love Ice Cream. So one Day I was waiting for the ice cream truck so I can get an ice cream .I didn’t have no money, but I remember my sister had a two dollar bill and her photo book. I had took, it when I heard the ice cream truck. When it came I got me a fifty cent ice cream a pickle egg, a soda, some chips. So I grabbed my stuff and soon as I was…

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  • Fear In Horror Movies

    avoid the experience altogether. Humans try to eliminate fear from their lives, but fear in moderation is beneficial. While fear is often an emotion people tend to avoid, some actually embrace it as a result of fear creating feelings of joy and a rush. Fear motivates one to keep moving forward, creates the feeling of invincibility, and forces a person to live in the moment. Horror stories have been told and heard since anyone can remember. In the late 1700s, gothic writers like Mary Shelley,…

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  • Nightmare Disorder: The Dangers And Causes Of Nightmares

    most often during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, when most dreaming takes place. Because periods of REM sleep become progressively longer as the night progresses, you may find you experience nightmares most often in the early morning hours (Nightmares in Adults, 1). Often times, humans do not want to fix small issues in our lives that affect…

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  • Examples Of House Taken Over And The Fall Of The House Of Usher

    Explanatory Essay In scary stories authors use things that could scare us like someone dying, a ghost,an abnormal figure, or even death. In addition , “House Taken Over” and “ The Fall of the House of Usher” the authors used transformation within the characters to scare us as well as the aid of the other scary elements I just stated. How exactly, well the transformation in both stories is used show how characters go from being fearful to accepting the irregularity of their abnormal fate. And…

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  • Gothic Vs Gothic Literature

    tech computers, texting, the blurring line of good and evil, school grounds. But there are still similarities between the two that make modern day scary stories a gothic spine shivering tale. These tales still have settings that are similar to the child, or so unknowingly different that it must be scary, they have creatures that happen…

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  • What Is My Papa's Waltz Analysis

    When the reader first analyzes the poem, it naturally comes of as harsh or scary. The first thought that comes to mind is that the drunken father is abusing the child. Although after further analysis of the poem it seems as though that is not the case. The poem doesn’t sound as though it was the happiest memory of the child’s life, but it wasn’t a memory he feared either. In the poem “My Papa’s Waltz” written by Theodore Roethke, the speaker’s experience seems to be a positive one based on the…

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  • Analysis Of Montana Meth Project

    Anti-drug public service announcements have used many different methods of achieving their goal. Many of these ads are intended to make people scared of drugs, however, I believe no PSAs have been as scary as the ads from the Montana Meth Project. The Montana Meth Project fights against meth use in the state of Montana. They have made many ads intended to educate and dissuade teens and young adults thinking about using meth. One such commercial, entitled Jessica, features multiple settings with…

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  • Fear In Society

    Ever had the excitement of going to the movie theaters and watching the scariest movie? You begin to experience your heart pounding, blood rushing, and goose bumps surfacing. The tension builds up with fear on what’s going to happen next. Horror movies have become so realistic; it puts characters into real life situations. Don’t worry, you’re safe in your own environment because after all it is just a movie, right? Just experience horror movies vicariously and witness other people get…

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  • Movie Watchers Essay

    Movies are a way for lonely people to cope or for depressed individuals to become happy again. Without movies, the world would be a terrible place to live. Movies are judged by the way they make a person feel. Movies can make people laugh, cry, or get scared. Some people would not know how to function without a movie or two a day. Movies help people experience their emotions in a totally different way. There are three types of movie watchers in this world, and they are the ones who laugh, the…

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  • Knott's Scary Farm: A Short Story

    unknown places with monsters jumping out of the darkness? Do you like spooky music, walkways full of fog, and gruesome sights? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you must make your way to Knott’s Scary Farm this month! I (Jennifer, Director of Marketing) had the pleasure of joining our Disney Insider, OnTheGoOc, for the Opening Night Press Event! I have been to Knott’s Scary Farm twice in the past, but this visit was much different than before. Being with the infamous…

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