A Narrative Essay About A Scary Experience

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The feeling of being terrified is fun and weird.It's fun because you feeling something new,terrified because you don't know what will happen next and it looks like you are not going to make, and weird because it right in the middle between fun and being terrified. The feeling of both in one thing and that thing is called going on a roller coaster for the first time.All roller coasters and different the size,shape and speed all goes into the fun and being terrified and the Shivering timbers is a good example of that. It felt forever when you want something to happen or is happening.We got up early around 10:00 or 10:30.It was mid summer a good time to go to the lake or a waterpark or ever a pool.We got dressed and has breakfast at mcdonalds …show more content…
We decided to take it easy before we ended the roller coaster part of the park.We went to bumper cars,went on a train twice to take it easy and see the areas around it.After we took the easy and calm ride we decided to go on the biggest and terrifying one there shivering timbers.It was made of wood you could see it when you enter the park towering over everything there.Me and my dad went on the ride.Every Time I stepped closer to it I started wanting not to go on the ride.We could hear the thundering rumbles and whooshing of air from the people on it.When we step on to ride it a classical ride for a roller coaster and the building was made of wood it was long a old and yet it could hold a roller coaster.The way up to top was terrifying because you can't judge how far before we stop but we stopped right at the very top over see all of park and places around and then we dropped into the main park of the ride.We barreled down and we were pushed down by the force of the drop the only thing that kept us was the seat the belt we had on.We went through a whirlpool part that spiralled around no center by this time I was hurt all over just by the drop,couple of turns,drops and a whirlpool.We went under parts of tracks it was weird you think we are going to crash but we don't.We were coming to end of the ride there were a couple of drive left and turns but we stopped very quickly you were pushed forward because of it.We enter in the back that hold the ride beginning part we enter and got out of the cart and I was hurting a lot from the ride but it was lots of fun.After a hour or two at the park we went home it was almost 7:00 and I was tried after the day at Michigan

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