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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Dog By A Dog

    This story is all about the time my eye got scratched, by a dog! Okay so let's back it up and start at the beginning of the day. I remember that specific morning was Thanksgiving day of either 2008 or 2009. I don't remember much about the morning but I can recall my mom talking on the phone a bit, then coming out and dressing my sister and I. We were still young and couldn’t properly pick our clothes out, especially since this was a special occasion. My mom knew this lady and they were good friends. She didn't have any children but instead, she had 2 huge Dalmatian dogs, one a boy and the other one was a girl. So my mom tells us all this while she's squeezing us through fancy dresses, white tights, and little sparkly shoes. My sister is a huge fan of dogs and she loves all dogs, no matter their gender, color, breed, or size. So naturally, after…

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  • My Beautiful Dog Analysis

    VU21469- Lili Zhang- GEC00000AX Task 1 1. My beautiful dog 2. Girls from china has a beautiful dog as sweet as vanilla ice cream. Cute and like a little baby. When he was puppy he was like a kitten , his eyes blue and bright like clean glasses. 3. His name is lobo. He is a Siberian husky. 4. To show about her love to her lovely puppy. 5. A 12 year old girl from china 6. A descriptive narrative 7. Lobo dog 8. Cute, little lovely, big, small balck white 9. He is really cute and is…

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  • My Dog Research Paper

    1 I really dislike the idea of walking my dog alone in my neighborhood, simply because he does not like other dogs and nearly all of my neighbors own dogs. Although I have done it before, the whole time over and over in my head I am pleading, please don 't let any dogs come to the gate, please. PHEW! We made it! I said this once we approached the last two houses on the street before mine, but I had spoken too soon. As soon as we passed the old run down house beside mine a cute little fluffy…

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  • My Dog Lola Analysis

    My Dog, Lola As humans, we have the ability to love. Love is hard to explain, but for my whole life, I have been told that I have so much love to give, especially love towards animals. One animal that I love very much is my dog, Lola. Lola is a pure bred Rottweiler and her story begins with the end of our former dog, Maggie’s story. Maggie was a rescued Rottweiler and when she passed, I, along with my family, wanted another female “Rottie” in the house. Unfortunately, months of searching left us…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Dog

    I was fifteen when I obtained my first dog, my first major responsibility. She was a 3 week old female pit bull pup. I welcomed the dog as a gift, a gift from a dear friend, It was the raddest thing ever. I resolved to name her Louie, She had blue eyes that resembled the high noon Texas sky. Her fur was brown with a hint of amber, that resembled a wheat field. Unfortunately, I was dog less throughout my life, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was. At the time it was 2012, my older sister…

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  • My Love For My Dog Analysis

    My purpose for writing this poem was to express my love for my dog. The poem tells how my dog, Jackie runs towards her future and isn't afraid of what she thinks will come. It also explains that even though her spirit passed away, she will always be with us. The main purpose for me to write this poem was to express how much i miss my dog and tell of her fearless and brave heart. I also wrote this poem to make other readers that feel upset about losing a loved one not to fret, that their loved…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dog Of My Life

    A dog is something I had wanted for majority of my life, I wanted a companion that loved me so much that he would risk his own life for mine. When that moment finally came, I could not believe how lucky I was. Until we visited the vets. I never expected our first visit to the vets to leave me with such devastation and anger as it did. As the vet told my mother and me of our newly adopted puppy’s detrimental musculoskeletal disorder, my heart tore. Visions of running through parks, swimming in…

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  • My Sweet Dog Research Paper

    snapshot in time. The encounters are without meaning or consequence. Fortunately many of us have dearly loved people and companions in our lives that are too special to let them go. My sweet dog Katie was just such a creature. In many ways she was like that fallen leaf, overlooked and stepped on by many I am sure. When I first saw her, I never imagined her as a fallen leaf. She was different. She was young seedling that had been tossed away to wither. I am so thankful that I did not overlook the…

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  • How My Dog Partos Changed My Life

    lifeś good days and bad days, is having a dog. My dog Partos is loving and sweet, never growls, is respectful, never bites anyone, stands up for his family, and always listens. But, I still keep thinking about what would happen if my dog Partos died. How would my family react? The day is coming closer and closer, sadness is coming faster. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry! This day flashes back its 2014, 3 days before christmas. A very sunny day, I was home alone playing Xbox for…

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  • Personal Narrative: Getting My Dog

    Getting My Dog! Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! What about them you may ask? You will soon find out. One day I was at a soccer tournament and my team played three games and we won two and lost the one in the morning on the huge grass plain and park filled with people. My family saw another family with his dog and asked where they got their dog they said a lady named Fern up on maple road. Then she gave us Fern’s number and we asked Fern when the next litter would be born she said Oct., we asked her…

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