My Dog Essay

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Dog By A Dog

    This story is all about the time my eye got scratched, by a dog! Okay so let's back it up and start at the beginning of the day. I remember that specific morning was Thanksgiving day of either 2008 or 2009. I don't remember much about the morning but I can recall my mom talking on the phone a bit, then coming out and dressing my sister and I. We were still young and couldn’t properly pick our clothes out, especially since this was a special occasion. My mom knew this lady and they were good friends. She didn't have any children but instead, she had 2 huge Dalmatian dogs, one a boy and the other one was a girl. So my mom tells us all this while she's squeezing us through fancy dresses, white tights, and little sparkly shoes. My sister is a huge fan of dogs and she loves all dogs, no matter their gender, color, breed, or size. So naturally, after…

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  • My Dog Essay

    A Dog is a Person’s Best Friend There are thousands of animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some can be easily domesticated and are friendly; while others are naturally wild and savage. There are thousands of people, around the world, who have different animals as pets. Typical pets consist of cats, dogs, fish, turtles, or hamsters. However, the best pet a person can have is a dog. Dogs are the best pets because they are friendly, are intelligent, and can protect/detect dangers. The…

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  • My Idea Of Walking My Dog

    really dislike the idea of walking my dog alone in my neighborhood, simply because he does not like other dogs and nearly all of my neighbors own dogs. Although I have done it before, the whole time over and over in my head I am pleading, please don 't let any dogs come to the gate, please. PHEW! We made it! I said this once we approached the last two houses on the street before mine, but I had spoken too soon. As soon as we passed the old run down house beside mine a cute little fluffy mutt…

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  • Compare And Contrast My Dog

    Chantae Jacobs My dogs Max and Tyson are one in the same. They’re both amazing silly dogs that love to play. They both have a lot of energy throughout the day and always find something to get into. Max and Tyson also have a lot of the same eating habits. Although they love food they are very hesitant to eat in front of people. It’s actually pretty funny to watch dogs wait for me to leave to devour their food. They also show similar patterns in their actions. There have been situations when…

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  • My Beautiful Dog Analysis

    VU21469- Lili Zhang- GEC00000AX Task 1 1. My beautiful dog 2. Girls from china has a beautiful dog as sweet as vanilla ice cream. Cute and like a little baby. When he was puppy he was like a kitten , his eyes blue and bright like clean glasses. 3. His name is lobo. He is a Siberian husky. 4. To show about her love to her lovely puppy. 5. A 12 year old girl from china 6. A descriptive narrative 7. Lobo dog 8. Cute, little lovely, big, small balck white 9. He is really cute and is…

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  • My Favorite Dog Essay

    Last year in May I got my first dog, Cato. Cato is miniature Dachshund, or weiner dog, with a black coat and dark tan markings. I got Cato only because after a series of circumstances I became the only person willing to take care of him. I was the only person willing to take care of him because of a few behavioral issues that made him an undesirable pet to most, if not all, other people. He has a few issues and I was often reminded that he’s my, and mine only, responsibility. I got Cato from my…

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  • My First Dog Descript

    kid. Well my dog had a medium sized body and looked like he was a baby lab but a really big one that’s why we named him Chabelo. Chabelo will always have a place in my heart. Chabelo was playful, noble, obedient, and he was my first real dog that I ever had. First, Chabelo was a playful dog; we owned a 4-acre yard so all the yard was his. Chabelo always used to play with his ball he had a roll it all around. He also used to play catch a lot, I always threw him a stuffed animal so he can bring…

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  • Descriptive Essay On My First Dog

    My First Dog There are hundreds of experiences that have had some sort of impact on my life. Some are very small and some are much more life altering. Although, these life changing events do not happen often, they happen to everyone. I have had a few major, life changing occurrences in my lifetime, some are good and some are not so good. One of them that stands out the most to me and has impacted me the greatest is something everyone experiences at some point in their lives. For me, it was on…

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  • My First Show Dog Essay

    It was my eleventh birthday. I was competing in my first regional dog show at the Greensboro Coliseum and hadn’t expected to win anything. Remarkably, the day before I had secured a promising second place ribbon. That had been my first time in the show ring and I was happy just not to have walked out in shame. It was only the Junior Competition which is much more about practice for the adult ring than about the quality of the dogs. But to me, it was an exciting mix of every breed of dog…

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  • Personal Essay: The Death Of My Dog

    The death of my dog When I was nine, in grade four my dog had to be put down. Woody was part of the family for a long time. My parents bought him as a puppy while they still lived in Petrolia. Growing up, Woody was a very good dog. He was energetic, even tempered, would never hurt anyone, and was loved by all of us. We used to through Frisbees to him in the back yard and he was able to run and catch them. Sometimes he would come with us when my family went camping and he would always run into…

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