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  • Effects Of The Trans Continental Trade

    (Bentley 469) The plague had very serious effects in every country outside of India and most of Sub-Saharan Africa. The illness originated in Yunnan region of China and moved westward mostly through a military campaign from the Mongols and continued to spread by way of travelers and merchants. The plague was extremely devastating to the population. In China, within seventy years the population…

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  • John Gutmann Analysis

    John Gutmann was one of America’s most distinctive photographers. Gutmann was born in Germany where he became an artist. He later fled Germany due to the Nazi’s because he was a Jew. Gutmann moved to San Francisco and re-established himself as a photojournalist captivating the lives of Americans. He mainly took photographs of people who were imperfect like himself because of his Jewish nationality. Gutmann targeted the poor, circus folk, the gay community and the rich. Two of Gutmann’s works are…

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  • Intercropping In Sugar Cultivation

    China is the third biggest sugar producing country after Brazil and India, and Guangxi, Yunnan and western Guangdong are the major sugarcane producing areas of China. Therefore, sugar industry is the most important contributor to the socio-economic development of these areas (Li and Yang 2015). Sugarcane produces heavy tonnage of biomass. Sugarcane…

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  • Research Paper On Red Panda

    Have you ever been to the Sedgwick County Zoo and walked out of the tiger exhibit and see an empty exhibit? Although it may look empty it’s really not, if you look inside the tree stump you’ll see a shadowy figure which is really a red panda sleeping. Red panda’s sleep during the day and are most active at night. You know the feeling when you eat something sweet for the first time in a long time? Well red pandas do too, they love the taste of aspartame which is used in most fake sugars. The red…

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  • Chinese Currency Reform Essay

    I would like to study China’s 1935 Currency Reform to investigate the central-provincial relations. After graduating from Stony Brook University, I worked at a business firm where I found that the current European debt crisis shares some similarities with Chinese economy of the 1930s. One of the most crucial issues of the euro crisis is the legitimacy of the European Central Bank. Some members, like Greece, argue that the monetary policy of euro only considers Germany’s interests, but neglects…

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  • The Importance Of Rice In My Life

    things. My relationship with rice grew when I discovered sticky rice. Imagine, rice that sticks to itself! The first time I ate sticky rice was in Luang Namtha, a town in northern Laos situated just south of the country’s skinny border with China’s Yunnan province. I was taking on a semester long gap year program in Southeast Asia, and my group…

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  • Bubonic Plague Reflection

    This class was focused on many aspects of different infectious diseases. The bubonic plague was one that I personally found very interesting because it’s something that I have always learned about in grade school. I always found it interesting, but we were never taught about it in depth. I was really excited to take this course for many reasons. Learning in depth about the bubonic plague was one of those reasons. The lesson on the bubonic plague was what intriguing and really fun to learn about…

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  • Trade And The Plague By Anna Taylor

    Trade and the Plague What is the Plague?- Anna Taylor The term "plague" is fitting to describe the deadly disease that took millions of lives during the medieval time period in the fourteenth century. The dictionary definition of plague is "a disastrous evil or affliction." ( The plague comes from the organism with the scientific name Yersinia Pestis. If the disease is left untreated, it can progress to become very severe. The plague caused…

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  • Analysis Of Mr. China's Son By He Liyi

    Anne Chik, it tells the story of one of the authors, He Liyi. As for some basic information about him, he was a Chinese English teacher who lived through the Cultural Revolution whiling belonging to one of China’s minorities, the Bai. He lived in Yunnan Province. What is very unique about his biography, is that it differs from other documentaries. Mr. China’s Son was written in English compared to many other documentaries that have been published by Chinese authors during his time. Through his…

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  • Biological Big Bang Theory

    The Cambrian explosion is referred to as “Biological Big Bang” (Science News) or “Evolution’s Big Bang” (Science) (Levinton, J. S.1992), because of the unexpectedness presence of animal life in the Cambrian. Figures have it that it started back 542 million years ago and terminated approximately 40 million years later. This era is marked by the emerging of profuse skeletonized metazoans, an abrupt intensification in biodiversity and the appearance of most modern lives (Von Bloh 18). Animals that…

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