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  • Three Gorges Dam: World's Most Controversial Dam

    Three Gorges Dam Built on the historical Yangtze River, the Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest and most controversial dam to be built. The dam has been the cause for the displacement of an approximated 1.3 million people and is currently wreaking havoc on the environment. The question is, however, was it right for the Chinese government to do this? This question can easily be answered using the Australian method of SHEEP factors; social, historical, economic, environmental, and political.…

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  • Identity Change In Taiwan

    Based on his research towards Taiwan aborigines, Shepherd did an excellent historical-anthropological analysis to demonstrate that trade networks were the primary reason to draw Dutch and Chinese settlers to the Taiwan frontier in the later time. However, Shepherd failed to analyze the identity change issues of Taiwan aborigines because he seemed to believe that governmental intervention for identity change was absent in the early 17th century. Based on the analysis of the Ming’s borderland…

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  • Exemplification Essay: China's Food Traditions

    China is a very delicate country, they have a lot of foods from their country and a lot of food traditions. China’s delicacy menu consists of appetizers like fried wonton, fried rangoon, fantail shrimp, potstickers, shrimp toast, bar-b-q spare ribs, and satay beef. Their soup menu consists of soups like hot and sour soup, wonton soup, chicken sizzling rice soup, and shrimp sizzling rice soup. Their vegetables menu consists of veggies similar to ours, mixed vegetables, snow pea pods with water…

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  • Wealth In China Essay

    Rising wealth in China has brought about benefits to its citizens’ health. While new studies found the average life expectancy has increased in the past few decades, stark discrepancies remain between the different provinces. The two new studies into China’s state of health were published in the medical journal the Lancet on October 26. The studies looked at life expectancy, causes of death as well as child mortality in the Chinese provinces. While the study found the average life expectancy…

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  • What Are The Six Principles Of Lunar Capital

    Recently, sustainability become a vital issue all over the world. Sustainability could promote the development of economic, social and protect the environment. Investors take important parts of achieving the sustainability. However, the sustainability always be ignored by investors and the whole financial markets. Under the circumstance, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) supported by United Nations appear. The PRI shows the connection between environmental, social and governance (ESG)…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Third Driver Test

    Yufeng Wu, HUMI 1 (9:30 am) Personal Experiment Don’t believe everything you see and think. It’s really interesting that our brain may show something wrong to us, but we believe that what we see is correct. There are two things I did during last two weeks. I went to the DMV(department of motor vehicles) to take my third driver test. After thirty minutes, it was my turn to take the test. Suddenly, I felt nervous and my hand were sweaty because it is my third and last chance. Besides, I started…

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  • Expansion Of Buddhism Around The World

    To understand better expansion of Buddhism around the world, which is being practiced by more than 300 million people currently, one needs to look back to its birth and understand the peaceful nature and humanity of Buddhism, it diversity and methods of teaching, which makes it a fit for different cultures and societies. Buddhism was founded in Northeast India in Sixth century B.C. by a young prince who lived a privileged life for 29 years. In this predominantly Hindu land, corruption existed…

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  • What Caused The Black Death Dbq

    The Black Death was a very painful disease, as if you contracted the plague you would have symptoms such as black buboes (Buboes are painful masses that appear in the groin and armpits) which would have continued for approximately a week. There was always a tiny chance of living if the buboes did burst. What caused the “Black Death?” Stuart doctors said that dogs and cats, pigs, pet rabbits and pigeons could spread the plague. The government believed them and tried to prevent the plague by…

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  • Chinese Diet Research Paper

    5.2.3 Chinese Diet Since China has a history of thousands of years, it can be found that even in the contemporary Chinese society, the diet habits of Chinese people have still influenced by traditional cultural values, especially in terms of the ways that Chinese people connect food with their health. To support my point of view, first of all, it has been a widely accepted routine that Chinese people highly address the importance of the dinner whereas the preparation for breakfast can be simple…

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  • Essay On Sun Bear

    Did you know that there is a bear that is smaller than most humans? This bear is the Sun Bear. The Sun Bear has many unique qualities including that it is the smallest bear on the world! The Sun Bear is very interesting to learn about, and is not hard to learn about either. A Sun Bear is very simple, but yet really fun to learn about! This is a great animal to learn about in class. I hope that you enjoy learning about this animal, because I did. Sun Bears are very interesting animals, and here…

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