How The Compass Changed The World

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Have you ever wondered how the world became what it is today? Well if it was not for this small tool the world would be completely different. The compass has been the earths greatest invention and has changed the world when it comes to travel. This tool has a fascinating story behind it, effected people for centuries, and the science backing it up the extraordinary device.

First, the incredible invention, the compass, all started across the sea. It is not confirmed who exactly the compass, but what is believed is that it was first made in China. It was not until around 1300 the Mariners compass was redefined in Europe. There were magnetic compasses but unfortunately they were not very accurate. To fix this issue they added a needle and put it in an ivory or wooden box to protect it. Throughout time the compass evolved more and more to become what it is now.
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The first documented usage of the compass was between the times of 1405 and 1433. Zheng He, a voyager from the province Yunnan in China, was the first known user of the tool. The compass soon became a necessity to anyone who would sail. Although, the Arabs sailed more clear areas, so they got a hold of the appliance later than everyone else. Eventually, the invention was taken directly from China to Europe. This was the because a voyager, named Marco Polo, traveled to China and brought loads of inventions back from China, including the compass. The compass did eventually make its way to the Middle East via the Silk Road. Marco Polo sparked the minds and helped travelers such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Fredinand Magellan, and even more become the legends they are today. This world would not b the same if we did not have this instrument with

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