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  • Internet Dependency: A Critical Issue

    on Internet. Online gaming cause some dangerous problems because people of all ages try do same actions which they played in video or online games. In 2007 an adult “shot his parents, killing his mother, and wounding father after they look away his Xbox. In same year, a south Korean couple let their real baby starve to death because they were spending so much time caring for their virtual baby in a role- playing game called Prius Online” (Beato 134). Rob Waugh demonstrates in his article that…

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  • Family Paragraphs

    Paragraphs for Essay - Rosie, Mason, and Mum + Dad Family is forever - a lesson that I have learned my whole life. It means that no matter what, your family will love you, forever and ever, just as long as you love them back. I couldn’t live without family, especially my brother, Mason, my dog, Rosie, and finally my mom and dad. I am truly gifted and grateful to have them in my life. People in your life may betray you, and never be there for you when you need them. Although, you…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cedar Point

    mcdonalds for a bathroom break. but we just bought food instead and we had another 30 minutes in mcdonalds and we all headed back to the bus to go home. another 2-3 hours later we made it back in frankton and me, and matt stayed at colin’s because he lives in frankton so we went to sleep there out of every roller coaster there i liked the gatekeeper because it goes upside down and that was the funnest amusement park i ever went to i loved it because it was nice out got to ride a lot of rides…

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  • Social Media's Negative Effects On Young People

    the world. Some experts and the older generation believe that the heightened popularity of social media has caused the younger generation to become socially inactive and lazy. As an individual I use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Xbox Live. I believe that social media is a very positive thing because…

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  • Violence In Video Games Essay

    Video games are electronic games played using computers or special game players such as the Xbox or PlayStation. Xbox and PlayStation are dedicated computer sets that work with television sets. Video games represents a society and reflects the belief or value of that society which are portrayed through personalities, social class, beliefs and value of those who created and designed the game. Video games are characterized by entertainment, rules, locations, competition, unreal, genres and…

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  • Video Games As Sports Analysis

    (Video Game History). Although video games were mostly used for people who are accessible of high technologies until 1970's, video games became extremely popular since then. However, despite the fact that video games are already closely in our daily lives as entertainment, it is not considered as sports. Many argues that video games are only a plaything of younger kids, and it is not considered as good influence to people. Such reasons and some characteristic of video games, no big involvement…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Digital Ownership

    People want things. Perhaps they are greedy, and perhaps they need to eat to live. Either way, there is rarely a time where you did not want something. Recently, this statement has been extended to people desiring entertainment. Many individuals want entertainment. The real question is, what is the best option for consumers, and producers, when choosing how they want their entertainment. For decades, we have had access to recorded music, pre-performed and stored movies, and digital video games.…

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  • Rite Of Passage To Your Eighteenth Birthdays

    For me personally was my Xbox 360. Man that thing was amazing! With this whole general process of leaving and getting attached to new things. It is our indication to us and everyone else that we are maturing on many different levels. This maturing process is most present after and even occasionally even before our birthdays. For my Seventh birthday, I can recall in vivid colours and details receiving an xbox 360 as a gift from my grandma. The celebration took place…

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  • Big Brother Is Watching By George Orwell

    Big Brother is watching In George Orwell's book "1984", he wrote about a world where not only the words you spoke, but also your movements and even your facial expressions could be monitored. You were not safe in the streets, work, or even your own apartment. Does this sound familiar? Yes, Big brother IS watching you. In this essay, I will argue that the Internet of Things (IoT) will ultimately succeed in the nullification of our privacy. A future where various small, low-power devices…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Gaming Culture

    sister, called PMS Clan. The clan was started after the launch of Xbox live and creation of the xbox headset. Dalton and her sister would play online and identify other female players. Amber Dalton stated that her initial reasoning for starting the clan was “just for the fun of some girls kicking butt together” (Girl Gamer Interview). This reasoning changed as sexism grew among online gaming communities...“However, once Xbox Live grew and the mass influx of harassment and sexism started, we knew…

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