Xbox 360 Compare And Contrast

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Xbox 360 VS Computer
There are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing an Xbox 360 or a computer as your game system from the two gaming franchise giants. Both share many of the same goals as the other, yet they take different paths in providing entertainment for their targeted players, and for this reason, there is the constant debate over which is the better system to play games on.
Each counsels attract vast crowds of people, and it is estimated that over half a billion people across the plant play more than an hour a day on their computer while some eighty million Xbox 360 units have been sold since its launch in 2005. It is clear the globe loves to play on its systems and play games, and with a never ending supply of games at once
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There will be no discussion on modified versions of a unit that change the basic use of a system because let’s face it, hooking up a controller to a computer defeats the purpose of playing games on a computer. What you have done is created a hybrid. That being said, the main physical difference between the two counsels is the controls. The PC is played with the keyboard where the mouse moves a character forward and ‘F’ is fire and other keys provide different commands. Unlike the keyboard, the Xbox 360 controller was designed for the solo purpose of playing games and has an edge in this arena for its use of an actual trigger, a controller that vibrates when fired upon, and handles that fit nicely to the gamers palms. Another arena the Xbox 360 dominates in is screen size. While the computer is limited to the size of its screen, varying in inches, the Xbox 360 is only limited to the size of your TV which varies, in some case, in feet’s. So in essence, the epic war scene can either be viewed on a giant plasma wall screen or at best a thirty-six-inch computer screen. But the ring the PC triumphs leaps and bounds over the Xbox 360 is graphics. The Xbox 360 is known for its stunning visuals in its games, but the ever improving computer takes the lead. The continual ability to enhanced its graphics in games and in the computer itself, is something the Xbox 360 will …show more content…
What do you do? If you play on a laptop, you simply shut it down and put in your bag and your good to go, but if you play on a desktop you may find it a little difficult to put it in a bag, let along unplug the console, however, nothings too hard for the hardcore game player. The keyboard is comfortable to some, but it ultimately confines you to one place unlike the wireless controller of the Xbox360, and with only two plugs, the Xbox 360 is easily transportable. The Xbox 360 has some advantages over the Computer and the Computer over the Xbox 360, so which console is better? The polls are in, the judges scores have been counted, and the answer is. Tie. For all the edges one can give to the other side, you cannot prove one system is better than the other because it comes down to the fundamental element of pride in one’s own system. Both have huge different benefits that appeal to certain gamers, but for all the comparisons; the gamer will always choose his system. Therefore, until a new system comes out that renders all others absolute, there will always be the argument of which is better. The Xbox 360 or the

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