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A Gamers Choice Do you play video games? Do you consider yourself a gamer? Maybe a child in your household does. Well as a gamer or even as a parent of a gamer, you have many options on what kind of system as a customer might want to buy. The current gen systems are the: Wii U, Xbox one, and the PlayStation 4. What are some things to consider when buying them well: one is priced or how much are you going to invest into the system for the next couple of years, the games that are for each system as in exclusive title or even third party titles, and last but not least if the system online feature are in the gamers needs like online gaming, apps or other uses besides games. In my opinion, the Xbox one is the best system what will you decide? Choose …show more content…
They are more suitable for the younger generation most of these games are rated E for everyone. Although at the E for everyone rating and targeted for kids, many adults seem to really enjoy these titles. This is where game selection and exclusive titles come into play what kind of games do you want to enjoy and for whom the system is intended for, will determine what you buy. One of the most important parts of buying a system is for a customer is its online functions or features. In today 's world, almost everything we do is online so this is a major focus on buying a game console. How many apps can I download on a system the Playstation, as well as the Xbox, have well over 60 apps available, what kind of servers do they provide and how much do they cost the customer to use this service. Well, if we are talking about servers the Xbox servers are more secure and provide better service at $59.99 a year. They are prone to fewer hacks, then the competitors The PlayStation has been prone to hakes in the past in 2014 Sony was hacked “This attack involved using a destructive malware to steal huge amounts of corporate data, rendering thousands of Sony 's computers inoperable and taking the entire network offline”( Gupta, P., & Mata-Toledo, R. …show more content…
They all have many apps that can be downloaded. Apps like Netflix, Hulu and much more. They also have an exclusive app, for example, Xbox has a contract with the NFL while the Playstation has rights to MLB also major apps to choose from. In regards to the apps, they are similar with a small difference in selection. So for online features, I think Microsoft has the upper hand due to being less prone to hacking and they tend to offer more apps than the other 2 systems. These are a few reasons that can help any parent or gamer decide what system to buy for the family. They are many other factors to take into consideration as specs or memory, but 3 major factors have been covered here. from The few reasons that were discussed prior, I believe that the Xbox One is the superior console with its exclusive title, price, and online features make it a console worth having. These are the gamer’s choice for what they are looking for in any system. How will they involve their heads in the gaming world? What are your thoughts? What console are you willing to buy to pull

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